Quit Bitching & Fess Up!

Following is a meme that appeared on Facebook and I thought it a good representation of our reality. It cannot be argued that the Republican Party does most of the bitching about how bad America is today. How can you, “Make America Great Again,” if you’re not pissed about how it is?

When Democrats look at America they take the long view, both back and forward. They see where we’ve been, they realize that we’ve made progress, they see that more work is needed, and they have a vision for the future that is different and better than the past. The want to take we’ve done and continue building on it.  Trump,and his ultra-conservative fanatics, have a totally different view. What the Democrats see as progress the right sees as the opposite. They somehow think America of the past was the best America. They ignore the America of segregation, poverty, lack of a social safety net, slavery, class divisions, lack of educational opportunities, etc. They want to, “Make America Great Again,” which has simply become code for making America white and protestant again.

Well look at this meme and consider that this has been mostly true for a couple of decades or more.

party in power

will rogers trickle downAdd to this that Reagan’s supply side economics (trickle-down) has been the dominant economic policy theory since 1980 and has resulted in the continued destruction of the American middle-class.

This is a wonderful example of Pogo’s famous saying, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” The GOP simply can’t stand what their leadership has created nor can they accept the blame.

Well, it’s time to quit bitching and fess up to being a major player in all you see wrong.

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