The Most Important Reason for Hillary

I’ve been in a lot of political discussions since the elections of 2016 began. For most of those months I was a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders. When it became clear that Bernie wasn’t going to be the Democratic nominee I bit my lip and got on board the Hillary train.

There are many reasons why I now support Hillary but the most important has to do with who will pick the next members of the US Supreme Court.  For decades the Court has been basically divided in a five to four split favoring conservatives. With the death of Scalia and the refusal of the GOP controlled Senate to confirm Obama’s nominee the Court is split four to four and at times has been unable to reach a consensus on important cases.

Supreme Court Justices serve for life and they tend to live a long time. Of the eight serving Justices Kennedy is 80, Ginsberg 83, and Bryer 77. It is possible that the next president will have the opportunity to appoint four new Justices and in doing so, effect the political and legal atmosphere of America for decades to come.

If you are like me, a social liberal, and want a more socially and economically just society, the election of Hillary Clinton is vital. Truth is, Donald Trump is such a loose cannon we really don’t know what kinds of people he would nominate. But his base is not just conservative, it tends to be radically conservative. If any of those people should end up on SCOTUS the effects on America could be catastrophic.

So, here’s the deal. If you are a moderate Democrat or Republican (a centrists), if you’re a progressive, if you are a liberal, if you are a Bernie or die person, if you love or hate Hillary, if you in any way support greater rights for individual citizens, if you want laws that don’t favor privileged groups, if you want fairer election and voting laws, if you want women to have the right to choose, If you want to protect the right to organize at work, if you want women to receive equal pay for equal work, if you want to protect free public educations from the profit makers, if you favor universal health coverage, if you want fairer student loans, if you’d like to see college be more affordable, if you’d like your privacy better protected, if you’d like prison reform, if you’d like a stronger separation between church and state, if any of these, and more, are important to you, you have no better choice than to get off the sofa and vote for Hillary Clinton.

None of the third-party candidates are going to win the election. The election is, like it or not, going to be won by either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is not a progressive and the people who vote for him are doing so because of it. Hillary may not be as progressive as Bernie Sanders but she is still a progressive. You can rest assured that when court vacancies appear, Hillary will appoint progressive people to fill those vacancies. To ensure her appointees get seated it would also help if the Democrats regained control of at least the US Senate.

As I said in another post, there comes a time with one must get practical about politics. Call it a rigged system, called it Bernie got screwed, call it the lesser of two evils, call it what you want. But if you do nothing but call it names your pooch is going to get screwed if the Supreme Court is controlled by Donald Trump’s insanely  conservative appointees.

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