Truth, Facts, & Reason Stay Off the Grass

During one of his campaigns Barrack Obama said that many people in America, when times are hard, cling to their guns and Bibles. He caught a lot of hell for that but to me he wasn’t wrong.

The question is often heard these days, “In spite of all the reality why are people still supporting Trump?” Well, the answer could be as simple as guns and the Bible.

A person I know recently attended a gathering of mostly older, conservative, rural people. On several occasions the subject of religion came up and it was obvious that these folks were pretty fundamental in their beliefs. Thoughts similar to Michelle Bachmann’s claim that God had raised up Trump to be president could be heard. When politics was the topic the consensus of thought was that Trump was their candidate for no other reason than they weren’t voting for Hillary.

With a blind eye towards the truth they firmly believe that Hillary is out to steal their guns, nail shut the doors of their churches, and give our remaining jobs to a flood of illegal and dangerous immigrants.

Morning Joe‘s Joe Scarborough essentially said the same thing recently about Trump supporters. That they have closed their eyes to reality, embraced their guns, their Bibles, and the belief that Hillary is the devil among us. They have no interest in the truth and no interest in factual evidence to the contrary of their beliefs.

Donald Trump’s supporters have become the epitome of the post factual voter; the see no truth, hear no truth, say no truth electorate. “Don’t bother me with the facts, just show me where to put my X.”

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