Yes, It’s a Big Issue

I had a friend remark yesterday about all the media attention Trump’s unexplained and unapologetic admittance that Obama was born in America was receiving. To paraphrase, with all the things going on in the world, why were they spending time on this?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Donald Trump is neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in a race for the White House. And for over five years one of his major core arguments has been the place of birth and the legitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama. For over five years Trump had not passed up an opportunity to use the media to built his birther claim into a movement that grew to 60% of GOP members believing him. The percentage was even higher with people further to the far-right.

It has been just one of his great lies and suddenly, without explanation, he does a compete 180. And then to make it worse, he proceeds to tell another lie by blaming it all on Hillary Clinton. There was never any substantiated evidence about Obama and there is zero evidence that Hillary started, or was ever a part of, the birther movement. When a liar answers a lie with another lie, that is news worthy.

I think it’s also worthy of a few media lines when a major contender for the presidency, a seventy year old man, resorts to elementary school playground behavior by trying to escape guilt by claiming someone else was also doing it. Trump essentially said that Hillary had started the birther thing first and he was just doing what she was doing. Well Hillary’s doing this was almost immediately debunked and that left Trump sucking his thumb and looking for mom to get his boo boo kissed.

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