Be On Your WAZE

Just returned from a short fishing trip to Pensacola, FL and several times I thought about what my father would say if he were here today and exposed to the travel technology that exist.

I suppose the majority of smartphones are GPS ready and can make use of Google Maps. I began the trip by telling my phone to navigate to Pensacola Beach and within seconds it told me to take a right turn at the top of my driveway. Every turn thereafter was given me in advance along with the mile remaining and the estimated arrival time for my destination.

Someplace below Nashville I needed gas so I started an app called GasBuddy and it revealed where gasoline was the cheapest and provided a map. Next was time to find a good motel price so I activated the Travel Coupon app and it told me there an a reasonably priced motel at exit 46.

Next day we needed to find a pharmacy so I issued a voice command and discovered a Walgreen’s six miles down the Interstate. It never seems to end, there seems to be an app for everything travel related. Each hotel chain has their own app, AAA has several apps, I have an app that tells me where I can park my van and camp for free, one that will give me a three cent discount off Pilot Truck Stops gasoline, apps that tell you what to see, what restaurants are available, where to fish, what fish are biting, how to get a fishing license online, and where the nearest emergency room or urgent care is located. For a man it’s a wonderful world, we no longer have to deal with being pressured by our wives to stop and ask directions.

One of the best travel apps for travel is WAZE. It’s social media for the travelers and it’s free. Download the app, punch in some basic info, and it automatically finds your location and shows you a map of the highway in front of you. If you go past a road hazard just punch a button and everyone behind you is informed about it. If you come to a traffic slowdown hit a button and again, everyone behind you is made aware. It’s kind of what CB radio once provided without all the dirty words and Southern good ole’ boy accent.

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