Throughout the current political season politicians have talked about jobs and making promises to bring back to America and/or create millions of good paying jobs. We all know that plentiful good jobs began drying up in the 1980s and there is no single cause of it.

A major cause has been the exportation of millions of manufacturing and service jobs to nations with wage rates far lower than America. We’ve all been to Walmart and seen the Made in China label on much of what they sell. Who hasn’t dialed a customer service number only to end up talking with a technician in India with a dialect we Americans have difficulty understanding. Well, all those manufacturing labels once read, Made in America and those service people were somewhere in the lower 48 states.

A second major cause of job loss has been technology and robotics. Robots are increasingly doing jobs that humans once did and many of the jobs that robots can’t do require highly trained technical people. People with eighth grade and high school educations just don’t walk out of school into jobs that last a lifetime and pay well enough to experience what we think of as the American dream. I recently wrote about a Jaguar factory in England that only employs 54 humans. Everything else is done by robots and when the engineers figure out how to replace the rest of the humans such will be done.

The cruel reality is, regardless of what the politicians say, all those lost jobs aren’t coming back anytime soon. Technology moves on and the laws of capitalism dictate that jobs will continue going to wherever the cheapest labor is found.

If you want a good job click below and check out the list of America’s 25 best jobs. The one thing that’s obvious is that they all require far more than a high school diploma.

Click the button for the list of best jobs.
Click the button for the list of best jobs.

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