Lots of Hands

hands-across-americaHaving recently written a piece about demonstrations and riots it got me thinking about something the family participated in that was a little more legal and family friendly, the 1986 event called Hands Across America.

On May 25, 1986 we loaded up the station wagon and headed to someplace near London along US 40. There we donated some money to help fight hunger in Africa and joined hands with 6.5 million other people in an unbroken line stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Supposedly there were plenty of hands to make the stretch and together we raised $34 million for charity. I don’t think we came close to ending hunger or solving any world problem. But, we did give our kids a lesson in helping out, introduced them to a major world issue, had a reason to go to the Dairy Queen for a sundae, and make a memory that has lasted for thirty-years.

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