More Whys About Guns…

I’ve been trying to make sense out of the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting and while none of these mass shootings make sense this one has a special element about it. The law seems to have allowed the shooter to have his gun near by.

With all the regulations regarding air travel that came out of 9/11 I’m shocked that you can travel with any form of firearm in any form of manner. Remember when you couldn’t even board a plane with a toenail clipper in your pants pocket?

As I understand it, the law permits one to travel with a firearm if you lock it and the ammo in a solid case and store that inside your checked luggage. You can’t carry it on to the plane with you and store it overhead, it must be secured in the cargo belly of the plane.

I have to admit that I haven’t flown since the 1960s and other than what I see on TV don’t know what modern air travel is like. Correct me, however, if I believe you are still “inside” the air terminal when you retrieve your luggage from the carousel? That being correct, you can then take your luggage into a restroom, unzip your suitcase, unlock your gun case, load ammo into the weapon, and proceed to a public area and reign terror on the innocent.

If any of this is correct I have to ask, why? Why a gun in the first place? Why the hell isn’t the owner of the weapon and the weapon kept further apart? Why not ban ammunition if transporting a weapon is really necessary? I can understand someone on a hunting trip to Alaska taking their favorite rifle, but they sure as hell can buy bullets after they’ve left the Anchorage airport.

I’m throwing all this out there in the hope that one of you who’s more experienced can explain why five people had to die because some guy with known psychological problems was allowed to have a handgun in his baggage.

Addendum: Since writing this I’ve learned that many states permit people to carry guns at airports and that Florida is currently considering a bill that would permit such. The federal government makes the rules regarding check in and what follows but in other areas it’s the state law that prevails. 

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