Stars to the Rescue!

Many Americans and citizens of other nations are worried about the coming of Trump. I’ve given this some thought and concluded that nothing can be done to totally shield us from the harm that precedes the arrival of this so ill prepared politician. All we can do is work on what we can to lessen the damage he is capable of.

The one solution I’ve arrived at is to distract and keep him distracted. We all know is his Achilles heel is his ego and how difficult it is for him to manage that ego when it’s been challenged. To date, anyone who has insulted him has ended up being counter attacked in the next day’s Twitter cycle. At the recent Golden Globe Awards Meryl Streep laid into him pretty hard about some of the things he did during the election. Next morning we were treated with a streak of anti Streep tweets from Trump’s Twitter Tower, (Please notice the wordplay!).

So, let’s assemble a list of stars who Trump can’t stand and have them take turn saying things about Trump that attack Trump’s ego and keep him and his iPhone tied down on Twitter. Rosie O’Donnell can head the list, followed by Meryl Streep, Stephen Colbert, Alec Baldwin, Sarah Silverman, George Clooney, John Oliver, Cher, Stephen Hawking, and a list that knows no end. If every person with a celebrity voice took a turn at jabbing that sensitive ego Trump would have no time left during the day to screw the country up.

So, there you go Hollywood, Nashville, and New York. We’ve bought your CDs, watched your movies, attended your stage productions, remained loyal and interested through all your marriages, affairs, divorces, addictions, and rehabs. It’s now time for you to pay America back. You can all become true life super heroes and help save America from this thing America put in the White House.

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