BJs are OK Today

I remember being one of those loyal Democrats who for a short time tried to support Bill Clinton getting blown and enjoying a fine smoke afterwards.

When the red sphinctered Republicans accused him of having sex with that woman I pointed out that even Eisenhower got his socks knocked off a few times while overseas. There’s a long history of presidents having sex in places other than the second floor of the White House.

There’s also a long history of men lying about their sexual exercises to keep their wives happy and in the dark. When the GOP finally got down to asking him if he had engaged in sex with Monica, Clinton messed up by saying it depended on how one defined sex. That’s when I stopped supporting Clinton and the aroma of family valued impeachment heat wafted over the great DC Swamp. Well, the self-righteous impeached, the wise men of the Senate refused to convict, and William Jefferson Clinton became member two of the Andrew Johnson Boys Club.

In the twenty some years since a man had to fear enjoying casual sex followed by a good cigar, much has changed. In today’s politics it might help you get elected and not impeached. Trump has set new records for sexual misbehavior. He freely admits that avoiding SVDs was his personal Vietnam. His exploits with beautiful women are legendary. He’s hooked up with three trophy wives and committed adultery on all three. Openly he claimed that fame came with the right to grab a woman’s “pussy”. There exists a dozen or more women who claim being sexually preyed upon by him and another three who have sexually based suits filed against him. All this and yet no repercussions.

Whatever became of the evangelical, family friendly folks of a couple of decades ago? Did they have a big enclave in which they decided they had been wrong about blow jobs all these centuries? Did they discover they’d long ago misinterpreted the Greek translation of the commandments.

During the presidential campaign Donald J. Trump said that he could walk into Fifth Ave, kill a person, and still get elected. In the 425 days since his tribe occupied the White House I’ve come to believe him. Furthermore, I think that after killing that person he could have whipped out his tool, paid a hooker for a BJ, and then lit up a fine vaginal dipped Havana.

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