Liars and Those Who Teach Liars to Lie

Unless he was lying Donald Trump was in Ohio yesterday. Like anytime he appears in public he told a large number of lies and distortions. He said work had begun on his precious Mexican border wall. It hasn’t. What he said was new construction was actually some repairs being done to an old wall.

He seemed to take credit for the initial success of the new Roseanne show. He took credit for all economic improvements and said we had never had an economy this good. Well, others get most of the credit and yes, we’ve had economic periods far better than what we now have.

While he failed to talk about any of the three women now suing him, his attorneys were hard at work telling lies in hope that the whole ugly thing would go away.

By bedtime last night I was up to my nostrils with lies told by Trump and those who speak for him. So much so that I began to wonder if parents still spend time teaching their children to be honest.

Did Fred Trump caution Donald to be honest and not lie or did he teach his son that the ends justify the means? Just get out there and grab all the pussy you need and let the chips fall. Regardless, I sure wish we still had a president who just lied to us a little and even then for mostly our own good.

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