Pickin’ Pimples Has Gone Professional

They say a person is never too old to learn something new and that happens to me often. A couple of months ago I learned that there is an entire world-wide subculture that enjoys videos of people getting their pimples and blackheads extracted by dermatologists.  There’s even a dermatologist in California who has become world-renowned by the title, Dr. Pimplepopper. It’s been rumored that there is discussion about her hosting a reality TV show on one of the major cable networks.

In my teens I had a case of acne like many other teens. There was nothing good about having a face full of pimples except that everyday you got to stand in front of the medicine cabinet mirror and squeeze your bullets for a while. I wonder how many moms got pissed at having to wash the mirror so often?

Anyway, those days may be behind us as teens and others seem to be choosing to pay someone else to do the popping.

NOTE: Here’s a sample of the hundreds, if not thousands, of videos that live on YouTube. Warning, if you have a weak constitution you may not want to click here.

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