Roller Coaster Days

For at the past week life has been like an emotional roller coaster. At one moment I find myself elated and confident about my nation’s future, followed by my cart roaring out of control down the steel tracks and I am screaming at the top of my voice.

On the down side the nation’s pseudo president hires an ideological war hawk, John Bolton, to head a department charged with providing for our security. Bolton has a life’s track record of favoring war over peace. He has openly called for the unilateral preëmptive nuclear strike by the United States against North Korea and Iran. Seeming ignorant of the cost in human lives to our allies in South Korea and Japan. Also of the loss of tens of thousands of American military person stationed in Asia.

Next the coaster cart is being hurled upward on the backs of a million kids who’ve gathered all over the world to tell the politicians and merchants of war that, “ENOUGH is ENOUGH!”

This high is followed by hurtful and hateful adults calling these kids:

  • “skinhead lesbians”
  • “dupes of the left”
  • “crisis actors”
  • “left wing puppets”

Speaking as a former US Government teacher,  what these kids are doing is exactly why we teach government in our schools. We want to enlighten young people about their political system and get them involved in participatory democracy. And when they do, too many of us “adults” try to derail them with name calling. So much for adults behaving like adults.

Another low was plugging our grandchildren’s ears and watching the 60 Minutes interview of a porn star telling us about our president having engaged in unprotected adulterous sex with her and then paying six figures to keep her quiet. We now have two women claiming they were bought off just days before the last election. Didn’t such behavior once spell death to a political career?

Thankfully the week ended on a high note. The final two 60 Minutes stories were inspirational. One was about a young immigrant from Greece who is headed for the Basketball Hall of Fame while still maintaining his humanity. The other concerned former president Jimmy Carter. A man so humble and loving I can’t help but tear up each time I see him teaching Sunday school or driving nails at a Habitat for Humanity project.

It is so ironic that history labeled Carter a failure because he wasn’t returned for a second term.  Carter told us he wouldn’t lie to us and he didn’t. Thirty seven years after he and his wife Roselynn left the White House he still hasn’t lied or mislead the American people.

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  1. President Carter has done so much to help the American people. Building homes for people in need is one of my favorites!

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