Is What We Have Here a Quid pro Quo?

A couple of days ago Americans woke to the surprising news that Trump had ordered the Commerce Department to work with the Chinese government and help save the Chinese phone manufacturer, ZTE. At stake is the loss of 75,000 Chinese jobs and Trump thinks this is, “too many Chinese jobs.”

After all the pre and post campaign anti Chinese screaming Trump engaged in, how could this be happening? Whatever became of America First?

First for a little background. ZTE makes phones and in doing so they buy some components from America (Think Google’s Android). It then sells those phones to around 160 world nations, including North Korea and Iran. Learning that the US issued sanctions against the company and shut the door to necessary components. This far this is pretty much in keeping with America First.

Then, last night we learned that Trump’s inexplicable Quid to China may also come with a juicy Quo from China. Trump loves to have his name in bold block letters on buildings around the globe and Indonesia is in his sights. The Trump Organization, of which Trump is supposed to have nothing to do with, is involved in a major project in Indonesia involving golf courses, hotels, etc. To help its cause the Chinese government backing the Trump group up to $500 million.

So, what do we have here, a classic example of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours? Could it be that this $500 million is the sugar that led to a change in America’s Chinese policy? If so this could easily be the end of Trump’s presidency. This would clearly be a violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution and an impeachable offense.

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