The Ever Widening Black Lagoon

Needing his ego scratched, Trump headed back to a comfortable red state last evening to suck in the love of his suckers. He continued to ensure his love struck followers that the wall is going up and the swamp is getting drained. The truth is that the wall is going nowhere and the swamp is getting wider and deeper. Trump’s administration is increasingly viewed as one of the most corrupt in decades. Here are but a few tales from the Black Lagoon. 

  • Trump has been accused of using his money to silence charges of adulterous sexual adventures.

  • Trump is being sued for using his position as president to enrich his personal wealth.

  • Trump is a compulsive liar. Politifact has demonstrated that only 31% of Trump’s statements are true while 61% of what he says is either mostly false, false, or terribly false.

  • Speaking of lies… Sarah Huckabee Sanders, according to Politifact, lies 100% of the time. 75% of her statements are false and the remaining 25% are “pants on fire” false.

  • Trump has filled his cabinet with creatures from the Dark Lagoon. Tom Price, Steve Mnuchin, Ben Carson, and Ryan Zinke are just a few of cabinet leaders and Trump appointees who have been accused of living high off the taxpayer’s dollar.

  • It has been reported that Trump has hired 200 lobbyists for government jobs, “Where the have direct impact on business related to their former clients.” 

  • It’s been reported that Jared Kushner has received up to $500 million in loans because of who he is and who he works for.

  • Speaking of Kushner, he still does not have top security clearance.

  • Further speaking of Kushner, his wife Ivanka, and the Trump brothers, Donald has taken nepotism to new heights.

While this is but a short list there is some debate about who belongs at the top of the swamp creature pecking order, Michael Cohen or Scott Pruitt. If you go with dollar amount Cohen is far ahead. Recent information says he has possibly used his close association with Trump to line his pockets with millions of dollars and some suggest Trump got a piece of this pie. Pruitt, however, has bilked the taxpayers out of a million or two by simply living high on the public buck.

While so much of Trump’s time is consumed with the charges of corruption and increasing legal problems from the special prosecutor and other investigative agencies, questions have to be asked:

  • Where’s the wall?

  • Where’s the cheaper and better alternative to Obamacare?

  • Where did America’s allies go?

  • What happened to rebuilding the infrastructure?

  • What happened to better meeting the needs of veterans?

  • How’s that opiate crisis going?

  • What happened to narrowing the wealth division in America?

  • Why am I now paying almost $3 for a gallon of gasoline?

  • What happened to bringing American’s back together?

  • What became of responsibility, ethics, morality, compassion, the human condition, equality, respect for the law, and the truth?

Note: Much of this is from an online news source titled, The New Arab. It is common knowledge and can be found on many Internet news sites.

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