American Inhumanity

The first immigration law in American History was the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Over the decades there have been others and none were perfect. The failure to create a workable means of dealing with the ever-growing desire to live in this nation crosses all political lines. The Democrats have failed, the Republicans have failed, and hell, even the Flat Earthers have failed.

In over two centuries, however, nobody has failed as much as the inhumane clusterfuck that is now coming out of the Trump administration. We have an amoral man-child occupying the White House who apparently doesn’t have a problem taking hundreds, if not thousands, of children away from their parents simply because the parents are seeking a better place to raise those children.

Jeff Sessions blurted out an ill-conceived policy that says if you enter this nation illegally you will be arrested and your children will be taken away from you. Run that around your brain a little and tell me if any religious tenet you espouse says that’s a winner.

The Department of Health and Human Services, who is responsible for administering this edict from above has been overwhelmed with the responsibilities of meeting even the most basic needs these imprisoned kids. They a former Walmart store and numerous other building brimming at the seams with officially kidnapped children living as captives. What’s Trump have to say about this? Absolutely nothing, mum’s the word. The only solution being offered is to find more storage space on regional military bases.

More than anything I am bothered that to his supporters Trump is just making good on a campaign promise. Why aren’t Americans in general throwing a shit fit about this? As a people, what have we become? The shame of allowing this to both exist and continue is on the heads of us all. If you believe in Heaven you’re going to have a lot of explaining to do!

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