Contrasting Ideas About Trump

I continue to be amazed that so many Trump voters remain supportive of him. If you as an American wanted someone in office that would undermine America’s basic and important institutions, someone who thinks the Constitution doesn’t apply to him, someone who wants to continue widening the gap between the rich and what little remains of the middle-class, someone who insist on rewarding our enemies while pissing off our age-old allies, someone whose ignorance of foreign affairs that America is no longer seen as a leader, someone who lies to you an average of nine times each day, someone who has emboldened racial, ethnic, and religious bigotry in America, someone who seems dead set on tearing down so many of the social and environment gains this nation has made, or somebody who reigns over a nation whose children will likely never earn more than their parents, then Trump is your guy.

I recently read a scathing article on Trump written by the noted economist, Jeffery Sachs. Sachs pretty much said what I just said but he did it much better than me and with a great deal more knowledge and experience. You need to read Sachs’ words and you’ll find them at this link.

I also came across a YouTube video produced by ABC News. In the first year of Trump’s presidency an ABC reporter paid a number of visits to Roberts County, TX.  A county of only nine hundred inhabitants. Ninety percent of Roberts County’s voters voted for Trump and after a year they still pretty much remain loyal to him. I listened closely to their reasons and concluded:

  • They are a very remote and homogeneous community that is conservative, Republican,  agrarian, and deeply rooted in Christian fundamentalism. I saw one family of Mexican-Americans where the mother was not a citizen and no sign of any other racial or ethic presence.
  • Since many of the people grew up with huge family owned ranches they voted on a single issue, repeal of the estate tax. The residents didn’t seem too concerned with what Trump was or is as long as he makes good on his promise to repeal this tax.
  • Maybe because of their remoteness many had little concern for what was happening elsewhere in America. Their loyalties were family and community with fellow Americans and the nation someplace down the list.  One public school teacher freely stated that what Muller was doing had no importance to her and her family. I believe it was her husband who said that what happened to the immigrant “dreamers” wasn’t his problem.
  • Most were more than willing to rationalize Trumps current and past transgressions. In the case of one very fundamental woman you could see it in her face as the reporter challenged her about Trump’s morality.

These Texas Panhandle people mostly lived in their own little nation and felt little connection to the nation. I suggest you watch and consider the following video. I’d like to hear your take of what I’ve concluded.

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