Shit Summary for Friday, June 29, 2018

Years ago I would carry a tape recorder with me and when some interesting thought would cross my mind I would take note and write a column I called, Random Thoughts. Since I don’t travel as much or have many thoughts of any kind I thought I’d do something similar by listing the weekly leftover shit that doesn’t demand much attention.

So, welcome to the very first Shit Summary.

  • The Trump immigration fiasco is costing billions and ICE doesn’t have the money to carry on much longer.
  • Trump has attacked several of the late night talk shows and claims that he does have a sense of humor. I’ve yet to see it. Especially when it comes to jokes about himself. No self defecation there.
  • While Trump continues to attack the restaurant that 86ed Sarah he fails to mention the scores of health infractions racked up by his own high-end eateries.
  • Doing Trump’s bidding by a 5-4 conservative margin, millions of Muslims have been told they’re not welcome in America. Obviously Trump never read Dale Carnegie’s book, How to win friends and influence people.
  • The DOD is preparing to construct housing for a couple hundred thousand people. These will be for housing immigrants as well as victims of natural disasters such has hurricanes.
  • There’s over twenty companies going after permission to rape former National Monument lands. One is a Canadian company.
  • It’s been reported that interned immigrant children are being required to start each morning by saying the Pledge of Allegiance. They’ve also been told to not talk with reporters.
  • Trump is threatening to impose additional import taxes on Harley Davidson over their plan to move some manufacturing to Europe. So much for jobs.
  • In a major switch the new leader of the Southern Baptists has instructed members to avoid entanglement in political ideology. Jerry Falwell just rolled over!
  • The Supreme Court just screwed voters in Texas by failing to rule against that states racially bases gerrymandering maps.
  • And now for something positive. Remember The Grit? Well it’s still being publish but not as a newspaper. If there’s still any place that sells magazines you may find the latest month’s issue of The Grit Magazine.

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