These are DHS’s own statistics

Donald Trump is, regardless of what you want to believe, a compulsive liar. Case in point, during a June 15th press appearance he lied or mislead nineteen time before noon.

As the immigration issue has continued to become more heated the scope and frequency of his lies seem to be increasing.  Another case in point is his claimed number of MS 13 members sneaking across the border. He claims there are thousands of them when, in fact the confirmed number has been slightly over 200. Politifact has kept track of Trumps lies and the total since his taking office is in excess of three thousand. His daily average has gone from 6.5 lies to over 9.

What makes it all the worse is, using his government’s own figures, the overall immigration volume has gone steadily downhill for decades. Check out this DHS chart…








These are not the numbers of mainstream fake news. These are the statistics reported by the Department of Homeland Security. The very people responsible for protecting our borders.

But then again, Trump has never show much willingness to accept any information that does not support what he wants supported. How many times has he attacked the DOJ, FBI, CIA, MICKEY, and MOUSE because they wouldn’t say what he wanted him to say?

Just one question for those Trumpites who may be reading this blog. How would you react to you teenager if they lied to you with this often? The irony is, I bet you would go ballistic.  How does one accept from their president what they won’t from their children?

Check out this short video by Katie Tur.

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