Pick a straw, any straw!

Recently the world got to watch a viral video of a plastic straw being pulled from the nostril of a sea turtle. Connected or not, Starbucks is now all over the news because they decided to phase out plastic straws by 2020. So, should that have been a lead story or should it have been how Trump has ripped the guts out of our environmental protection laws? Should the lead stories be more about how Scott Pruitt is an anti-environmentalist who Trump put in charge of the EPA for the main purpose of dismantling it while filling his pockets with perks paid for by the taxpaying public? And after Pruitt was finally fired the guy who now has his job may be even worse.

The land and oceans are rapidly filling up with our garbage and somehow Starbucks and McDonald’s seems to think the answer is serving coffee with plastic sippy cup lids, sans straws. I gotta ask, what percentage of the throw away garbage from these two chains is plastic straws? I also have to ask, who the fuck drinks coffee with a straw?

Now, for the half cappuccino half latte, coco mocha with half soy-half almond,  raw sugar, organic whipped cream crowd; either quit buying that crap or demand it be served in a totally biodegradable paper cup with a totally biodegradable paper straw.

Shit, it just came to me! Didn’t we once buy take out soft drinks in glass bottles with a nickel deposit? Return the bottle, get your nickel back, and the bottle got cleansed and reused. And wasn’t to go coffee served in a simple nature friendly paper cup with a nature friendly paper lid? And weren’t straws also made of nature friendly paper? Yeah, we did all that…way the hell back in the 1950s before Mount Rumpke’s covered the earth.

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