The ball’s now in Trump’s court

One of the great coffee shop discussions these days has to be, what does Putin have on Trump? Is there a pee pee video? Are there videos of Trump with Russian prostitutes (and are they as good as Putin claims)? Does Trump owe Russia yuge sums of money for backing his European and Asian projects? Well yesterday, I read an article that claims we now know what Putin has on Trump and the answer is simple.

Putin has what Trump never wants the world to know, that Russia did play a large part in making Trump America’s president. Putin knows where the information was found, where the information was spent, where the strings were pulled, where the backs got scratched, and where the payoffs were paid. By hacking the Democrat’s website they obtained information that in the hands of the Trump campaign could be used  to weaken Hillary’s candidacy.  By stealing Hillary’s emails they could offer up embarrassing information the Trump campaign could use against her. By manipulating American social media they could have spread enough fake news to influence who voted and how they voted.

What Putin has on Trump is simple, that he, Putin, has all the numbers, all the details, all the secrets; everything needed to bring down the Trump presidency if Trump doesn’t play ball.

So, with this in mind the soccer ball Putin gifted Trump takes on a very symbolic meaning. It says to Trump; Donald, the ball is in your court and be careful how you use it.


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