Holocaust Deniers Should Never Be Denied Our Attention

As nationalism continues to grow around the world the denial of the Nazi Holocaust seems to be growing with it. Sky News, a major UK news source, recently reported that 1 in 20 Brits don’t believe the Holocaust happened and another 1 in 12 don’t believe it was as serious as history reports.

As a retired history teacher, I have spent much of my life studying WWII and the Holocaust. I’ve read many books, biographies, and watch hours of original film documentation of the major death camps being liberated by Allied forces in 1945. Given all the evidence that exists I find it impossible to deny it happened and that it happened exactly as reported.

The only explanation I can provide for those who are deniers is that the same nationalist, supremacist mentality that brought despots like Hitler to power is still fueling the belief that so-called Western Civilization (white, Anglo Saxon, Protestant) is superior and that other Nationalities, races, and cultures should be hoarded over and /or eradicated.

Donald Trump has proudly declared himself a nationalist and as such promotes selfish America First policies. One need look no further than the opening event of his presidential candidacy when he proudly rode the down escalator to pronounce that Mexican immigrants were mostly druggies and rapists. His subsequent attacks on brown skinned people and shithole nations have not let up.

Spend some time listening to Trump rave about the caravans of Latinos threatening our border and compare it to the nationalist rantings of Hitler about the borders of Checoslovakia, Sudetenland, and Poland. What Trump has in common with any despot is the need to focus fear on some alien threat in order to strengthen his hold on a vulnerable citizenry. That’s exactly what Hitler did with the Jews and what Trump is doing with people of color.

Want a ton of facts that the Holocaust did exist? Just quickly scan the attached story:


PS: After finishing this piece I came across an article by Newsweek reporting that especially among American millennials, one-third of Americans don’t believe substantially less than six million Jews were murdered in Nazi-controlled Europe during WWII. The blame is put on a general lack of historical knowledge. Another blight on our educational system. 

NOTE: The last known Nazi war criminal living in America, Jakiw Palijwas, was deported to Germany where he died on January 14, 2019. One of the many who slipped through the fingers of justice. 

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  1. This breaks my heart! Denying history as strong as this and not just supported by people of Jewish ethnicity but of the world at the time only leads to more of the same in future if not now. History should teach not be denied .

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