The Great California Potato Super Bowl

During the mid-1960s I was a student at Cerritos College in Norwalk, California. Cerritos had a football team called the Falcons and apparently, they were pretty good at the time. While I never attended one of their regular season games they did win a spot in a small college bowl game in Bakersfield called The Potato Bowl.

For whatever reason, several friends and I decided to make the drive. The Potato Bowl was played in a stadium that was literally a bowl dug into the earth and surrounded by bleacher seats.

The Bakersfield Stadium was a nice sports facility but for one thing. It was the perfect receptacle and trap for the thick fog banks that frequently roll in from the Pacific and overtake California’s Central Valley. Such was the case this evening and as the fans took their seats and the players the field a bank of fog quickly filled the bowl and blinded most everyone.  We were sitting about halfway up in the bleachers and the only thing we could see were signs of movement on the field. We knew something was happening down there, that people were moving around doing something but the fog became so thick that spotters had to be placed around the field to report the action to the announcer who relayed it to the crowd. It was very similar to sitting on your front porch and listening to a game on the radio.

But, the game was played, we fans, mostly because the fog wouldn’t permit driving, remained loyal and stayed put. And when the fog lifted we drove out of the Central Valley thrilled with the joy of believing, as we’d been told, the new conference champions.

2 thoughts on “The Great California Potato Super Bowl”

  1. Larry, I am curious what took you to that little college in California. Had you been stationed near there in the service? Just curious! Cindy Royse

    1. Pretty simple really. After 9 weeks of factory work I know I had to find an education and at the time California offered free college to all its citizens. So, I cashed my last paycheck and headed west. I worked and lived in the state long enough to establish residency and then started taking part-time classes at a junior college. When I was able to go full-time I transferred to Cal-State at Fullerton, which was at the time a small school. Today it is one of the nation’s largest. Not to get political but, it was a wonderful thing until the conservatives, led by Ronald Reagan, came along and ruined it.

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