Wild Norwegian Bicycle Gang Invades Greenfield!

Bobby Everhart and I were having lunch at the Pot Belly Pig today and two road-weary cyclists pulled up out front and came in for lunch.  Being old bikers ourselves we introduced ourselves and joined them for a chat. They were Torkjell Arntzen and his friend Jorunn Storehaug and they were from Oslo, Norway.

Torkjell had flown to California and intended to ride in the Race Across America. The desert heat got the best of him so he slowly rode to St. Louis, MO where Jorunn joined him. Together they are finishing out the RAA route and finishing in NY.

They had started the day at Mason, OH and the goal was to spend the night in Athens. I mentioned the heat index and he dismissed it saying you just had to take your time and not push it. Obviously, he’s in better condition than me.

They are a very friendly couple and Bobby and I tried to show them the best of Greenfield’s hospitality.

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Torkjell A
Torkjell A

Hello Larry & Bobby tanks for the positive words and the Greenfield hospitality. Always interesting chatting with fellow cyclists at the stops we’re doing on our journey thru US. Especially meeting cyclist emeritus like you guys is fun. Storyes from the pre-carbon era, electronic shifters and gpstracking always engages. Small correction to your blog is necessary. We are more then one, me and my friend that also luckily is my wife, but calling us a gang is a slight exaggeration:), My wife might be wild though, but I’m not;) Hope you guys dig out the old steel bikes one day… Read more »