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The Last Man Standing, Isn’t Anymore

In the world of the blues there are legends and then there are LEGENDS. David “Honey Boy” Edwards was a LEGEND. At the age 96 he was still making the rounds, singing his songs and telling his stories about women, drinking white whiskey, gambling, rambling, and never knowing he was writing himself into the pages of blues history.

After the passing of Pinetop Perkins, age 98, in March of this year, Continue reading The Last Man Standing, Isn’t Anymore

Calhoun’s Jefferson Street Grill

Several weeks ago I ran into Brad Calhoun and got to talking food (I do that a lot). Brad began telling me about his plans to open a new restaurant in Greenfield on Jefferson Street, directly across from the post office.

I stopped by today to see what progress he’d made and while he is probably several weeks away from firing up the grill, char-broiler, and fry-daddy the place is taking shape.

He has stripped the walls and flooring to the Continue reading Calhoun’s Jefferson Street Grill

Ron Paul, Consistently Consistent

There are more things than not in which I disagree with presidential candidate, Ron Paul. Just this morning I read a headline about him having said we would be better off without the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). I thought to myself, wonder what song Paul would sing if his district got slammed by some major natural disaster? Certainly he would cave and be the first to the FEMA Calvary to the rescue.

Well, good thing I read the remainder of the story. When his home district, Continue reading Ron Paul, Consistently Consistent

Wheeling Heritage Bluesfest, Day Three, 2011

The final day of the 2011 Heritage Bluesfest was threatened by rain but by the time the major acts were due to appear the rain clouds had passed, the cooling breeze picked up and the thermometer dropped a few notches.

The day’s performers of note included a group called Southern Hospitality, Kenny Neal, and the star of stars in the world of blues, Buddy Guy.

Turns out, Southern Hospitality was a brand new incarnation of Continue reading Wheeling Heritage Bluesfest, Day Three, 2011

Random Thought, 8/27/11

GOP presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman, is considered by many to be a RINO (Republican in name only). He’s being attacked by the most vocal in his party as being too informed, too reasonable, and too trusting in science. To me he sounds like an educated person. Where did we reach the place where being all of this became a political liability?

Too Many Tomatoes?

Every year about this time we hear in rural America are overwhelmed with fresh tomatoes, zucchini, and summer squash. About everyone who planted these veggies in the spring now have far more than they can use and are begging others to take them off their hands.

Sally Turner Kennedy has a suggested and tried recipe on her blog, North Coast Muse, that makes use of some of these abundant and often FREE delights.

Maybe Not Warfare But Certainly Disparity

Frequently when discussing the distribution of wealth in America a conservative will employ the phrase, “class warfare.” They argue that liberals and the liberal media are trying to drive a wedge between the haves and have-nots that will somehow lead to a forced redistribution of wealth at the hands of government.

I don’t think anyone is advocating real “class warfare” but, there Continue reading Maybe Not Warfare But Certainly Disparity

Kinky is Kinky for Perry

Several years ago, before Don Imus got his tit caught in a public relations wringer and was canned from MSNBC, I was a devout fan of his morning program. It was just edgy enough to sate my irreverent sense of humor and bring forth a few laugh out loud moments most mornings.

Through Imus I was introduced to several people I’ve come to greatly admire and enjoy. That list includes Delbert McClinton, Continue reading Kinky is Kinky for Perry

Southern State Offering Three New Degrees

I received notice from Southern State Community College today that they are offering three new Associate degrees to their line up. Following is the text of their press release:

Southern State announces three new degree programs

  Looking for new opportunities to Continue reading Southern State Offering Three New Degrees

A Few Hours on Pittsburgh’s Strip

There may have been a time when every American city had a place like The Strip in Pittsburgh. Cincinnati still has Findlay Market, Columbus has North Market, Charleston, SC its City Market, and New Orleans’s French Market is still going strong.

These are areas of a city where vendors of all sizes and flavors seem to assemble to participate in Continue reading A Few Hours on Pittsburgh’s Strip