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What’s New at North Coast Muse?

Sally Turner Kennedy has a couple of new items on her blog, North Coast Muse. Sally is a bird lover, bird watcher, and bird follower. One of her new post focuses on what’s going on in the world of trying to restore Ohio’s peregrine falcon population. She’s posted a photo of two of the current Columbus peregrines chillin’ out high up in the Rhodes Tower in downtown Columbus.

Sally is a doer and loves to take in a festival, concert, art display, farm market, etc. Her most recent post is of a recent craft show she attended. As usual, she has some nice photos.

It’s Not the Wealth, It’s the Influence It Buys

David Brooks is a columnist for the New York Times and regarding fiscal matters I often am in agreement with him. In his latest column he is arguing that the 1% at the top of the food chain is not the real problem. He contends that if the government took away all their wealth the national debt could only be reduced by 2%. He believes the current Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement is not focusing on the true causes of our economic woes by focusing on the top 1%.

I can agree with much of what Brooks argues. And, to an extent, I agree that the causes go far beyond the 1%. But, the one thing that OWS is helping bring to attention is the enormous political and economic power wielded by what that 1% represents. It represents the major share holders in the largest corporations in both this nation and the world. They have the means, and have used it, to corrupt or bend our Continue reading It’s Not the Wealth, It’s the Influence It Buys

Those Talented Beattys

There’s always been a lot of talent in Greenfield and often it runs in Families. Marty and Judy Beatty’s family is one of them. There oldest son Chris is an art director for Walt Disney and involved in the design and development of a several new attractions at Disney’s original Disneyland in California. Daughter Valaria was heavily involved in McClain’s music and performing arts program and remains involved in music. The Beatty’s youngest son, Lynn is simply, multi-talented. I can’t count how many instruments I’ve witnessed Lynn working out on but there probably isn’t anything that has strings or you beat on that he hasn’t mastered. Here’s a YouTube video of Lynn playing stand-up bass with a group of professional musicians in Nashville. By the way, dad and mom aren’t without musical talents themselves. Enjoy!

Gossett’s, The BOO(k) Store of My Youth

L-R: Thad Gossett, Wilma Gossett Everhart, & Cheryl Stuckey. Click photo to enlarge.

Recently I wrote a piece about the demise of the old-fashioned hardware store. Well, another retail business genre that’s dipping below the horizon is the local book and office supply store. Shot from the saddle by the young bloods in town, Staples and Office Max.

In my hometown, Greenfield, OH, we had Gossett’s Bookstore. Gossett’s began selling paper, pins, thumb tacks, gifts, books, accounting supplies, typewriters, adding machines, ditto machines, postage scales, staples, paperclips, pencils, pens, crayons, tempera paint and artist supplies, all-occasion cards, Sunday School supplies, school supplies and workbooks, and much more since before Saint Peter strolled in one day and ordered some very large blank journals.

Seriously, every person who ever walked the streets of Greenfield, beginning in 1841, could relate some pleasant memory of doing business at Gossett’s. If a chemist were to enter his lab and synthesize the aromas of all the items I’ve listed above and then Continue reading Gossett’s, The BOO(k) Store of My Youth

Like a Puff of Smoke

A friend of mine recently returned from a trip to Buffalo, NY. He was commenting on the paying $150 for a scalped “cheap seat” ticket to a Buffalo Bills game and what he had to shell out for a small bottle of liquor, $40. The stunner was the statement that a carton of cigarettes, with state, local and federal taxes, was $207.06.

If you travel you may have known for years that vice is not cheap in New York state and even more expensive in New York City. In the early 80s, when I still smoked, a pack of cigarettes in a NY machine was $2. Well above what the same would run in most other states.

When I began smoking in the 50s I can remember buying cigarettes from machines for Continue reading Like a Puff of Smoke

It’s Just Too Soon to Predict

Click photo to view entire graphic.

It’s almost impossible to avoid all the political speculation that appears on our media boxes these days. But, I really do make a point of trying to avoid it. The talking heads on TV and talk radio make good money reading their crystal balls but they’re rarely correct. Guessing who the American people are going to give the key to the White House is one of those, it ain’t over till the large lady sings, things.

Simple truth struck home again last week with some information that appeared several places in national news coverage and online. On September 22, 2007 the Continue reading It’s Just Too Soon to Predict

Click on “Recommend” and Help Me Become Rich, Please!

Since changing to this more interactive WordPress format this site’s visitor count has reached close to twelve thousand hits. That’s not too shabby for what is basically a website of mainly local interest and in just over two months.

You can help us spread the word by just clicking the “Recommend” button that accompanies each article. For the Recommend button to work you must have a Facebook account and clicking on the button will send a message to your Facebook friends News Feed Page stating that you recommend that particular article.

The more hits, the more attention the site attracts. And if the site attracts enough attention I’ll be able to obtain commercial advertisers and then sell it to a major corporation like Arianna Huffington did with the Huffington Post and become a multi-millionaire. Not!!!

Crazies to the Left of Me, Crazies to the Right

Paragons of opposing ideologies, Roger Moore & Bill O'Reilly.

Michael Moore is a paragon of liberalism in America while Bill O’Reilly is a paragon of conservatism. You know what they have in common? They both require full-time, twenty-four/seven, professional security services to keep them safe from the crazies running around in America.

This observation comes from having recently read a Newsweek article about Moore’s need to hire former Navy Seals as body guards and a second article about O’Reilly’s new book on American History. The author of that article mentioned he and O’Reilly being accompanied by armed security guards as they went to lunch.

It is quite possible that O’Reilly has interviewed Moore face to face. If such a meeting has taken place I’m sure it did would not have required the presence of armed body guards. It is quite possible for two persons of greatly differing views to discuss their differences without resorting to Jerry Springer style physical brouhahas. Barack Obama and George W. Bush have demonstrated many times that they being in the same room with each other doesn’t require bouncers Continue reading Crazies to the Left of Me, Crazies to the Right