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What Happened When General Grant Expelled Civil War Jews

One-hundred and fifty-years ago America was at war with itself. Many of you enjoy the history of that era and I thought you might enjoy this revelation about the Union General, U.S. Grant. I am not well versed on the Civil War history and this tale came as something of a shock to me. The article appeared on The Daily Beast, March 21, 2012, and was written by Marc Wortman.

“We live in a chilling time for some outside mainstream Christian religious traditions. A presidential candidate feels free to declare that reading John F. Kennedy’s 1960 campaign speech in support of walling off church and state makes him “want to throw up”and Florida’s governor Rick Scott recently indicated he’ll sign a bill allowing “inspirational messages” (a transparent euphemism for prayer) at public school events because “I believe in Jesus Christ.” They are just the latest in a long line of individuals and groups who have been trying to bulldoze that wall since Thomas Jefferson wisely put it up in the Continue reading What Happened When General Grant Expelled Civil War Jews