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CORRUPTION: The U.S. has fallen from 16th to 22nd on this year’s Corruption Perceptions Index, a measure of the countries perceived to be the least corrupt, administered by the watchdog group Transparency International. Denmark scored best (least corrupt), Somalia scored worst, and the U.S. sits right between France and the United Arab Emirates. (NPR)


JOB LOSSES: “It’s been a terrible week for the media business. All told, some 1,000 people in the industry across the country lost their jobs. That includes BuzzFeed announcing that it’d lay off 15 percent of its staff, HuffPost’s parent company Verizon announcing that it’d lay off 7 percent of its media division, and newspaper giant Gannett laying off dozens.”

Dem Count

Democratic Count: Sen. Kamala Harris of California announced yesterday on “Good Morning America” that she is running for president. For those keeping a tally at home, that’s now: Eight people who are running for the Democratic nomination, two who are “all but certain” to run, four who are “likely” to run, and eight who “might” run.