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Just Sayin’ – Obamacare

Increasingly the news is showing Obamacare being a success. While I have never thought it was the correct answer I am very pleased that increased numbers of Americans now have medical coverage. I just can’t understand why John Boehner and his GOP brethren can’t be happy for these fellow citizens.

It’s a helmet stupid, wear it!

watch for bikersOn a recent trip I had stopped at a rest stop and gave my wife a call. Among the items discussed was the death of a local person in a motorcycle accident. The irony was this person had recently helped run a class on motorcycle safety and at the time of his death he had not been wearing a helmet.

Back on the Interstate I had five bikers pass me, two carrying passengers, and none wearing helmets or any other safety equipment. Seventy miles an hour and not an ounce of protection to be seen.

This spring I’ve noticed a proliferation of yard signs imploring drivers to “Watch out for motorcycles.” Is it possible bikers aren’t doing enough to watch out for themselves?

$25 vs. $300 K, that is the question?

bariatricsugeryMost of you know I had bariatric surgery in early 2008 and ended up losing and keeping off one-hundred plus pounds. The decision to to do so significantly changed my life in many positive ways.

Since then I have heard it reported that those who suffer from diabetes are frequently symptom free shortly after surgery. Doctors don’t really understand this phenomenon but it is seems related to the surgery and not subsequent dietary changes.

The subject was recently discussed on the NBC Nightly News and suggested that bariatric surgery be used as a cure for diabetes and not just weight loss. NBC reported that they average cost of a bariatric procedure is $25,000 and frequently not covered by insurance policies unless the patient is “morbidly” obese. On the other hand, the cost of treating a person with Type II diabetes over their lifespan averages around $300,000.

Seems to me the insurance industry needs to revisit this issue.

Just Sayin’: Clothing & Dogs

There is a Facebook group called Highland County Yard Sale and I’ve both bought and sold several items using it. I once read that used clothing was near the top of American exports and it’s clear that clothing reigns supreme at online and actual yard sales. I visit the Facebook group most days and concluded that running a close second to used underwear is used dogs and other critters. There has also been an interesting number of used engagement rings for sale. Maybe the sellers found out their perspectives were dogs.

A New Scam; “Just Press One”

Those who prey on the vulnerability of others are not in short supply and the variety and cleverness of their schemes is often amazing. Once your name becomes a part of the Social Security recipient list and the world knows you’re now one of the elderly, a special breed of buzzards begin swooping from their roosts, looking to pick the meat off your dwindling savings account.

Everyday we get a phone call featuring a recorded man’s excited voice saying, “SENIORS, are you aware that….(followed by some dire warning).” If you wait for the end of the recording you’ll be told that if you no longer want to received these messages, “Press 9.” I’m pretty sure doing so just confirms that there really is a person at home and they then call you more often.

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Just Sayin’: The Fiction of Fox

Long ago it became clear that the Obama haters were becoming totally crazy about the passage of the Affordable Care Act. I’ve been around countless people who hate the law but don’t know crap about what the law does. All they know is what Fox News and talk radio has told them. They allowed, of all people, Sarah Palin to convince them the ACA was going to kill old people.

If you really want to know the facts, versus the myths, about Obamacare spend a little time at and learn something that is based on fact and not Fox fiction.

Click HERE.

Just Sayin’: Oh Yeah!

This is a headline that appeared on the HuffingtonPost, “Rand Paul: Chris Christie Started It!” Seriously, before the beef between these two is finished they’ll be digging up classic playground comebacks like, “Oh yeah, well so’s your old man!” and, “Oh yeah, well you’re mom wears combat boots!”

Just Sayin’: Hi-Speed

Remember when software programs and updates came on CD discs because Internet speeds were too slow to download them? I recall visiting a cousin in NJ who had hi-speed Internet and being stunned at downloading a 10Mb update in about two minutes. This morning I downloaded 49Mbs in less than thirty seconds. The whole thing was downloaded and installed in less than a minute. Wow!

Just Saying: Management Wages

I was in a McDonald’s today and noticed a sign on the entrance advertising management positions paying $10.50 an hour. What does it say about an economic system that expects people to be responsible for such a pittance? Couple this with today’s federal jobs report stating that most jobs created in recent months have been in retail and food industries. Both notorious for poor wages.