Making It to Medicare

At the end of this month I will turn sixty-five and am now a card-carrying Medicare member. In fact, my billfold sports three new cards in their respective slots, a rather flimsy looking Part A and B card, a sturdy looking supplement, and a rather attractive prescription card. All three attest to the fact that I am now of a certain age. In my youth I remember thinking that people who were sixty-five had wiry white hair, stooped shoulders and were cane carrying folk. Yet my hair is dark and shiny, thanks to a hair stylist and a great formula, and I am still upright and energetic.

I have never been one who was coy about my age. I have not kept it a secret. Yet now that sixty-five is here I find a touch of vanity approaching. I am just a little over 5’1″. As a child in the 50’s I recall that when my parents wanted me placed in first grade when I was not yet 6, an administrator told my dad, “She’s too small.” My father, who scoffed at Continue reading Making It to Medicare

Get Real, Anita!

Last week Rick Perry’s wife, Anita, went before the media and complained about how her husband was being mistreated by the press and his political adversaries.

“It’s been a rough month. We have been brutalized and beaten up and chewed up in the press to where I need this today,” she said. “We are being brutalized by our opponents, and our own party. So much of that is, I think they look at him, because of his faith. He is the only true conservative – well, there are some true conservatives. And they’re there for good reasons. And they may feel like God called them too. But I truly feel like we are here for that purpose.”

Well Anita, it’s time you get real and consider for a moment the realities of running for the highest position in the nation. There is nothing new or surprising about the vultures appearing the instant someone announces themselves a candidate for the presidency. You hubby is in a primary race with eight other people, each of them a predator seeking the top of the food chain. The 24-hour news cycle must be fed just like the Chinese and Irish laborers who built the trans-continental railroad had to be fed. And, reporters are today’s version of the buffalo hunters. They have to feed a hungry beast. Continue reading Get Real, Anita!

Greenfield Y-Gradale Selling Woven Coverlets

The Greenfield Y-Gradale is selling woven coverlets featuring famous Greenfield landmarks as a money making project. Here are the details.

Tapestry Throw: $45
Tapestry Tote Bag $25
Tapestry Throw Pillow $25
Order any 2 items – save $5
Order any 3 items – save $10

If orders are placed before Oct. 21, items will be available for Christmas gift-giving. Payment must be made at time of ordering.

Contact Jayne Honnold: 981-2095 or 740-703-2095 Or any Y-Gradale member.

Off-white background with 4-color buildings. Red, blue, green, yellow along with some black, so it will look good with any decor. All of our profits are recycled back into local charitable causes.

Local landmarks featured on the throw: City Building is centered, and circled by McClain HS, Travelers Rest, Greenfield Library, Phillips Recreation Center, GAMC, Konneker Education Museum, DT&I Depot, Cemetery Chapel, B&O Depot, Grain & Hay, and Smith Tannery.

We Are Shooting Ourselves in the Foot With Our Own Military

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

I recently wrote a piece decrying the lack of interest Americans are showing about our prolonged involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. While America continues to keep up a military capability that exceeds the combined total of all the world’s nations Hillary Clinton made a speech this week in which she stated that in today’s world, economic power is more important than military. And ironically, as America’s economic power is weakening we continue spending excessively on our military.

Just think how much we could grow our economic influence and presence in the world if we were spending the bulk of our military budget and collective nation building/war costs on furthering education, technical research, and economic development here at home. Instead, we are squandering our blood and treasure Continue reading We Are Shooting Ourselves in the Foot With Our Own Military

As Rome Burned the People Refused to Watch

Speaking before the Council on Foreign Affairs, retired General Stanley McChrystal reported that the US has always had a “simplistic” view of Afghanistan and after ten-years of fighting neither America’s military or that of NATO are much more than half way finished in achieving the major goal of establishing a stable government in that nation.

With major troop reductions scheduled to begin by the end of this year (2011) it seems the prospect of our total involvement in that nation being a waste is rapidly being confirmed. I am not a military person, my years as a Navy Radioman gives me no more insight Continue reading As Rome Burned the People Refused to Watch

Just a Note About Search Engines

Like all bloggers we have software that monitors the number of visitors a site receives and which articles are the most read. One bit of information my software tells me is what search engine words or phrases brought a visitor to the site. Some time ago Sue Raypole wrote a piece about her love of sliced cucumber salad. Since then I’ve been amazed how much traffic the words “sliced cucumber” have drawn. Who knew?

Mr. Wert Ash’s Legacy, Let’s Make it Right!

Mr. Wert Ash, June, 1960

If you live in a city of 18 million souls the legacy you’re remembered by may not count as heavily as it would in a small town of less than 5000. Mr. Wert Ash lived and died in a small town and for decades his legacy has been stained by what small town’s are good at; accepting rumor and half-truths as fact.

During much of his life, this descendant of a grandfather who had experienced slavery first hand, was known as “Hammerhead” or “Hammer.” Few knew his real name but most in town knew him by those nicknames, didn’t know why he was called them, but knew that shouting those words at Mr. Wert Ash would drive him to a fit of anger, evoking oaths, threats, and at times hot pursuit.

I’ve recently been privy to a discussion about Mr. Wert Ash and no one present knew what his real name was but most knew who he was and what his nicknames were. Just as they didn’t know his real name, they didn’t know how he Continue reading Mr. Wert Ash’s Legacy, Let’s Make it Right!

The Panic is On

Hezekiah Jenkins, circa 1930s

You’re probably aware that I’m a great fan of blues music and when I’m in the car I’m usually listening to BB King’s Bluesville on XM Satellite Radio. Recently a song being performed by Maria Muldaur, a contemporary performer, titled The Panic is On began playing. It had a sound from the 20s or 30s and the subject was economic hard-times. The lyrics were so familiar I couldn’t tell if the song was addressing hard-times today or hard-times during the Great Depression. Muldaur had added a last verse containing the name of our current president, further confusing my thoughts.

So, later in the day I did some Googling and discovered the song was written by and first performed in 1931 by Hezekaih Jenkins and Muldaur had resurrected it for Continue reading The Panic is On

What’s New at North Coast Muse?

Sally Turner Kennedy has a couple of new items on her blog, North Coast Muse. Sally is a bird lover, bird watcher, and bird follower. One of her new post focuses on what’s going on in the world of trying to restore Ohio’s peregrine falcon population. She’s posted a photo of two of the current Columbus peregrines chillin’ out high up in the Rhodes Tower in downtown Columbus.

Sally is a doer and loves to take in a festival, concert, art display, farm market, etc. Her most recent post is of a recent craft show she attended. As usual, she has some nice photos.

It’s Not the Wealth, It’s the Influence It Buys

David Brooks is a columnist for the New York Times and regarding fiscal matters I often am in agreement with him. In his latest column he is arguing that the 1% at the top of the food chain is not the real problem. He contends that if the government took away all their wealth the national debt could only be reduced by 2%. He believes the current Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement is not focusing on the true causes of our economic woes by focusing on the top 1%.

I can agree with much of what Brooks argues. And, to an extent, I agree that the causes go far beyond the 1%. But, the one thing that OWS is helping bring to attention is the enormous political and economic power wielded by what that 1% represents. It represents the major share holders in the largest corporations in both this nation and the world. They have the means, and have used it, to corrupt or bend our Continue reading It’s Not the Wealth, It’s the Influence It Buys

Those Talented Beattys

There’s always been a lot of talent in Greenfield and often it runs in Families. Marty and Judy Beatty’s family is one of them. There oldest son Chris is an art director for Walt Disney and involved in the design and development of a several new attractions at Disney’s original Disneyland in California. Daughter Valaria was heavily involved in McClain’s music and performing arts program and remains involved in music. The Beatty’s youngest son, Lynn is simply, multi-talented. I can’t count how many instruments I’ve witnessed Lynn working out on but there probably isn’t anything that has strings or you beat on that he hasn’t mastered. Here’s a YouTube video of Lynn playing stand-up bass with a group of professional musicians in Nashville. By the way, dad and mom aren’t without musical talents themselves. Enjoy!

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