2011-12 Season for Flip-Flopping is Now Open

To begin with, flip-flopping is as old as humankind. Repeatedly every person has opened their mouth and said something they later retracted, altered, or denied. If you get really good at it you’ve met the main qualification for being elected to public office. But, if you reach the absolute heights of flip-flopping you may end up with your own talk-radio program or hour-long news/commentary show on a cable news channel. At either level, though, you are given license to talk about the flip-flopping of others while ignoring your own flip-flopping.

John Kerry Flip-Flops, ca 2004.

In 2004 the GOP was all over John Kerry for supposed flip-flopping on issues like the war in Iraq, tax cuts, medical marijuana, gay marriage, welfare reform and NAFTA. The Republican Party even produced actual pairs of John Kerry Flip-Flops to hand out as campaign memorabilia.

In the 2008 presidential campaign both Obama and McClain often accused each other of flip-flopping on the issues and in 2010 McCain was all over himself trying to save his Senate seat from Arizona. The great “maverick” became the great, I’m whatever it takes to win your vote, candidate. Matter of fact, after all the I’m now for/I’m now against gyrations since 2008, McCain still hasn’t been able to settle down with a stable position regarding several issues. He’s been all over the place about exercising American military power in the world. One moment he’s demanding Continue reading 2011-12 Season for Flip-Flopping is Now Open

Biloxi Blues at Southern State CC

The Theatre Department at Southern State Community College will be kicking off their theatrical season with Neil Simon’s Tony Award winning comedy, Biloxi Blues. Directed by Rainee Angles the play will be presented on November 11 & 12 at 7:30 p.m. and on November 13 at 3:30 p.m. General admission is $8, Students and faculty (with ID) $6. For further details visit the department’s website.

Boswell’s Grocery, A Bygone Reality!

Typical black shotgun homes of Columbia during the first half of 20th Century.

Fifteen years ago I was standing in front of a huge meat cooler in an IGA store in Monck’s Corner, SC and seeing a part of my youth pass before my eyes. I was looking at a massive variety of fresh and smoked animal parts, pigs feet, ham-hocks, jowl meat, pig ears, turkey legs, chicken feet, ox tail, and fat back. These were all the things that my Uncle Johnny sold in his Columbia, SC grocery during the 1950s.

My brother and I spent the occasional summer visiting our South Carolina relatives and working in Uncle Johnny’s store. Boswell’s Grocery was located in the middle of a largely black district of the city and impoverished blacks were the main walk-in clientele. The store also had a sizable “white” trade but that was mostly by telephone and delivered via a Chevrolet panel truck. One of the main joys of spending summers in the store was getting to run around the city in that truck and get a South Carolina driver’s license at the young age of fourteen.

On Saturdays, the rural people would come to town and Continue reading Boswell’s Grocery, A Bygone Reality!

Checking the Facts, 10/28/2011

As the political “Silly Season” cranks up I’ve decided to post the occasional fact check item on the blog. There are several reliable sources for checking facts and today’s regards health care premiums and comes from FactCheck.Org.

FactChecking Health Insurance Premiums

Republicans exaggerate an increase caused by the new law. But Obama promised lower premiums.

Ala Paul Harvey, “The Rest of the Robert Lee Curtis Story”

The Ohio State Penitentiary at Columbus. Since demolished.

I recently posted a story about the murder of Durward “Bud” Perry by Robert Lee Curtis. A reader subsequently ask, “What became of Curtis?” As reported in the original article Curtis was sentenced to life imprisonment at the Ohio State Penitentiary in Columbus and began serving his sentence on March 12, 1957.

A day or so after publishing the original story, a reader informed me of an obituary appearing in a New Philadelphia, OH newspaper about the death of a Rev. Robert Lee Perry. The details of this man’s life parallel those of Perry’s killer so I made several inquiries trying to find out what details I could.

I talked to a couple of people in Newcomerstown, OH who knew Curtis but they Continue reading Ala Paul Harvey, “The Rest of the Robert Lee Curtis Story”

Just a Couple of Reasons to Occupy

Polls show the majority of Americans support the many Occupy movements taking place throughout the nation and the percentage is increasing. There are still those who can’t get past the freak show aspect of what appears on their TV screens but the majority of those marching are serious people concerned about serious issues. So, why are they occupying?

A major reason is the tremendous and growing influence the super wealthy and large corporations have in both the economic and political systems. The politicians and bankers simply have turned a deaf ear to the shrinking and troubled middle-class in America. The occupiers refer to themselves as the 99 percenters and the rich as the 1 percenters. While those numbers may not be totally accurate they do represent a symbolic sentiment. There is an all too genuine feeling in America that the system is increasingly structured against the needs of the common person.

I’ve encountered at least two bits of information that help illustrate Continue reading Just a Couple of Reasons to Occupy

Sweet Potato Salad, My Way!

On one of our first visits to EAT in Hillsboro we tried their sweet potato salad as a choice of side dish. Now, we’ve all had candied sweet potatoes and maybe a sweet potato souffle and there’s nothing wrong with either. But, sweet potato salad deserves a place in all our diets. After all, sweet potatoes are orange, full of vitamins, nutrients, fiber and near the top of ever food guru’s list of must eat foods. We should be looking for lots of ways to enjoy them.

So, as my wife and I enjoyed chef Avery Elliot’s creation we also dissected it to recreate at home. Couple of weeks ago I made my first attempt at reproducing EAT’s version. Today I made my second batch and put my own touch on a great dish. Here’s the basic recipe Continue reading Sweet Potato Salad, My Way!

James Grandey in MU Hall of Fame

McClain graduate James Grandey has been named to the 2011 class of inductees into the Muskingum University Athletic Hall of Fame. Grandey is currently coaching baseball at Bluffton University.

Here’s the link to MU’s Hall of Fame website.


Rose Avenue Everest

I remember the first time I defeated you like it was yesterday. My hands rusty and blistered, they became the primer for callouses I still have. Every time I rub my hands together I think of you. That tower, my Everest.

I had seen many other kids tackle you, but they had an advantage. They were older, taller, and stronger. I was tiny, but mom had always told me something about dynamite being in small packages. Momma was right. She was always right. She was small too, but ran the hurdles in high school. Dynamite.

I didn’t beat you with fanfare, in fact I was alone. I’m pretty sure Grandma saw me through the kitchen window, but she wouldn’t tell. She always had an eye on Continue reading Rose Avenue Everest

Monk said, “He fought like a young bear!”

People in large urban areas probably go to the zoo or fly pigeons from their tenement roof tops to have a natural experience. In small town and rural America the experience is much closer and more personal. We live with wild life and have centuries old traditions about hunting, trapping, angling, and observing the creatures we live near.

Each year during deer season the competition is on to see who comes away with the biggest white tail buck deer and all the bragging rights that accompany its prize set of antlers. It’s big business and even the counties of Ohio have a vested interested in where the trophy deer was harvested. A couple of years ago Highland County produced a major buck and local restaurants, motels, and restaurants benefited from the Continue reading Monk said, “He fought like a young bear!”

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