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Random Thought, Nokia Phones

Whatever became of Nokia cellphones? Wasn’t that long ago when the majority of cellphone users seemed to be toting a small Nokia on their belt. Today, most users are swiping the screens on iPhone, Samsung, and HTC smartphones. Nokia still makes a ton of low-end phones but when smart phones came on the scene, the Nokia brand name seemed to go into hiding.

NOTE: Just hours after I wrote this I came across a news item about Nokia’s attempt at a market return. Click HERE.

Local Prices for Farm Acreage

FACTOID: A 3700 acre Highland County farm just sold for $14 million. That’s about $2,643 an acre. While that may sound high to some I am aware of farm ground in this area going for over $3,000 and in Fayette County for $5,000. In the 1960s I was interested in 100 acres of wooded land in Ross County. The price was $25 an acre and the local bank thought that was too high.

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