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Jungle Jim’s Coming to Eastgate

Many of you are aware of Jungle Jim’s International Market north of Cincinnati. It’s a huge store filled with massive selections of foods and beverages from all over the world. Going there is an event or a food field trip. Well, the good news for people who live closer to the east side of Cincinnati rather than the north, Jungle Jim’s, during the summer of 2012, will be opening a second store in the East Gate Mall area of Clermont County. No specific date has been announced.

Hell, Blame it on Obama!

Fox Business reporter, Lou Dobbs, appeared on the Jon Stewart program recently and was all over himself being positive about improvements in the American economy. Stewart’s response was to ask how conservatives will manage to blame these improvements on Obama?” Adding to the good news, today’s job numbers for January show that over 240,000 new private sector jobs were created while public sector jobs decreased by 14,000. However, as Stewart guessed, conservatives are already making light of today’s positive note as not being enough. Looks like the brother can’t catch a break!

A New Biz Plan For Pier 1 Imports

Back in the 60s I was living in Whittier, California. Both my wife and I were full-time college students and living off a very meager income. Our entertainment had to come from simple pleasures. Often we’d visit Knott’s Berry Farm which, at that time, didn’t cost anything to get into. Free parking, free admission and you could walk the place over without spending a dime.

Another simple pleasure was driving down to Santa Ana and going to Pier 1 Imports. I don’t know how many of these stores there were in the LA area or if they had gone nationwide yet. The one near us was the only one I knew of.

At that time imported goods weren’t that common in America and the only made in China junk was made in the Republic of China which we know today as Taiwan. The door to trade with the People’s Republic of China, aka Red China or mainland China, was still frozen shut. Most of Continue reading A New Biz Plan For Pier 1 Imports

Skilled Game Rooms, Slots with Brakes!

A year ago I pulled into the parking lot of one of Jeffersonville’s two outlet malls. I had been told many of the store fronts stood empty but wasn’t ready for what I saw. The place looked like a ghost town. About the only sign of life was what looked like a casino and the signage reinforced that image. The name of the place was Lucky You and it was some kind of game room.

I didn’t give it any more thought until I was recently told that such a place existed in Greenfield, Ohio and another near Rocky Fork Lake. I drove by the one in Greenfield and from the sign (see photo below) learned it was a “skilled” gaming room.

Back in the 60s when I first moved to California, the only place in America where casino type gambling was legally permitted was Nevada. But, in California there were Continue reading Skilled Game Rooms, Slots with Brakes!

Random Thought, Nokia Phones

Whatever became of Nokia cellphones? Wasn’t that long ago when the majority of cellphone users seemed to be toting a small Nokia on their belt. Today, most users are swiping the screens on iPhone, Samsung, and HTC smartphones. Nokia still makes a ton of low-end phones but when smart phones came on the scene, the Nokia brand name seemed to go into hiding.

NOTE: Just hours after I wrote this I came across a news item about Nokia’s attempt at a market return. Click HERE.

Local Prices for Farm Acreage

FACTOID: A 3700 acre Highland County farm just sold for $14 million. That’s about $2,643 an acre. While that may sound high to some I am aware of farm ground in this area going for over $3,000 and in Fayette County for $5,000. In the 1960s I was interested in 100 acres of wooded land in Ross County. The price was $25 an acre and the local bank thought that was too high.

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