The Marching Mothers of Hillsboro

Click photo for info about The Hillsboro Story.

Several years ago we went to Southern State Community College for a performance of Susan Banyas’ play, The Hillsboro Story. It was about a protest by Hillsboro, Ohio’s black community regarding segregation of the town’s schools. In going through my records I came upon a series of photos I took and among them was one of two ladies who I think played some part in what became known as the Marching Mothers. Can anyone tell me more about this and the two women? I believe one’s name is Goodrich and the other Young.


There’s a new carpenter on the block!

FYI: My Amish neighbor Enos Hershberger and his sons, Joesph and James, who have years of construction experience, have gone into business for themselves and are taking on new customers. Being Amish they don’t have a phone but I have a number you can call and leave a message. The info is:
Enos Hershberger & Sons
937 205 6985 work phone
Enos is also a farrier and for those services, you can reach him at the same number.
Enos and his family live on SR 138 between Worley Mill and SR 771.

Karnes Orchard – 2016

Just spoke with Karnes Orchard today and it won’t be long before their new crop of apples will be ready for market. The first day of sales will be on Friday, September 2 and continue into December.

Check out their website for mail orders and wholesale purchases. Below is a chart showing when various varieties will become available.  Karnes is located at 8200 Worley Mill Rd., Hillsboro, OH.

I’d suggest you make your day special by picking up some freshly squeezed Karnes apple cider and then driving a mile over to Liz’s Bake Shop at 7960 Overman Rd. for a few freshly baked glazed yeast doughnuts. What says fall more than cider and doughnuts?

karnes fruit

Highland’s Bicentennial

The village of Highland will be marking its bicentennial in September of this year. Since many of us have connections to there it’s important that we share with them in their celebration. Here’s a flyer with all the details. I’m sure more will be made known as the date nears.

highland celebration poster

Greenfield’s Pioneer Cemetery Coming Back to Life

cemeteryFor several years now the Greenfield Historical Society has put time and money into restoring, as best possible the town’s original cemetery that lies along McArthur Way adjacent to the society’s Travellers Rest.

Besides enclosing a portion of the frontage with a stone wall the group has also been attempting to repair and clean the weather worn grave markers.

Here is a link to a story about the effort that includes a collection of photographs. Click HERE.

Homage to Blake’s

As most of you probably know, Blake’s Coffee Shop in Greenfield, blakescoffeeshopgooglehas been demolished. The local watering hole went out of business several years ago and in the interim the building rapidly deteriorated and became unsalvageable. Pat Hays purchased the property, which had become both an eyesore and safety hazard, and funded the demolition and conversion into a parking lot.

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A library burns

I’m currently taking an online course via the University of North Carolina on Southern folklore traditions. It’s a free course offered through an organization called Coursera and this is the fourth book burningsession I’ve enrolled in.  Most of the offered courses offer the option of earning a certificate but I just proctor the lectures and take the quizzes just for the heck of it.

The professor who is teaching my folklore class titles himself as a folklorists and has done something in his life I’ve always kicked myself for not doing. Early on he took the time and effort to record the people and characters he met along life’s road. Armed with a decent movie camera and recording equipment he filmed many of the old timers from whom he learned life’s lessons. He has films and audio recordings of a well-known local auctioneer of his boyhood days in rural Mississippi, a local black preacher delivering a Sunday sermon in the call and response tradition of the black church, young black boys verbally competing with derogatory lines about each other’s family and friends, and many performers rooted in the traditions of storytelling, field chants, country music and the blues. Without this man’s efforts so much cultural richness would have been lost forever.

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Bummed out on politics

Larry 'n NassauIs it just me or have any of you simply had all the politics you can stand? Others say, and I usually agree, that I’m a political junkie. You’d think with the mid-term elections being so near I’d be more excited and paying attention.

However, it’s the opposite that’s true. Two weeks before election day and I don’t know the name of the Democrat’s candidate for governor. I know the current governor is named Kasich but not sure if I spelled his name correctly, I don’t know who is running for election to the US House of Representatives or any of the state positions. If there are any issues up for consideration I am again, in the dark.

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Online Donations to Spark

Spark Creative Artspace is now able to accept online donations using major credit cards. Simply click on the donation button and submit your credit card information. You will be purchasing a Spark Patron Ticket for whatever amount you chose and the proceeds will help Spark pay its monthly rent and other expenses. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Eventbrite - Spark Creative Artspace Patron Ticket

Open Mic Night

You may know that Greenfield has a new sports bar in the downtown area, Catch 22 Sports Bar. Mark Clyburn is one of the owners and besides a menu of sandwiches and snacks they’re serving a full bar including a selection of bottled and draught beers.

Apparently they are wanting to become a venue for the area music scene and have announced an open mic night on Wednesdays. So, tune up your fiddle and go have some good times.

catch 22 open mic

Who’s knocking on your door, ZOMBIES?

Spark Creative Artspace’s first ever Zombie 1K Walk is scheduled for 4:30 pm, Saturday, October 11, 2014. The costumed walk begins at Felson Park on McArthur Way and ends at Spark’s studios at 251 Jefferson Street. Open to everyone at a cost of $10 a person (children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult) which includes entry, entertainment, refreshments, and a very cool Zombie Walk pin.

To pre register and order your tickets online click on the Zombie poster below. All major credit cards accepted. Tickets will also be sold at the event.

zombie walk - it's coming

SPARK! to begin yoga classes

Cindi Pearce will begin conducting a series of yoga classes she titles Rusty Hinges. The first session will begin on October 6th at Spark Creative Artspace’s facility at 251 Jefferson St. in Greenfield. Cost of the classes are $8 per session.  To register simply call Cindi at 937-981-3040.

Complete details are at Spark’s website: Spark Creative Artspace Yoga


Pie Crust Promises

Many people in Greenfield remember Paul “Dunk” Angel and his contributions to the town’s country music legacy. Personally I don’t pie crustknow much other than Angel was a mentor to Johnny Paycheck and others. I’ve heard that people like George Jones stopped off for a visit when passing through the area.

In the early 1960 Dunk’s basement was a gathering place for musicians and after an evening of listening to music at Angel’s my now wife, Janet, decided she would write a song for the basement band to play.

She came up with a ditty she called Pie Crust Promises and took it to Dunk’s. Present at the time was Johnny Paycheck, Gary Adams and several of his brothers. Together they worked out an arrangement and put Janet’s song on a 3″ reel of used tape. For over fifty years the tape lay buried and unheard.

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