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Factoid: GACC 11k meals

FACTOID: I was recently informed the Greenfield Area Christian Center fed 11,000 meals during the month of November this year. That’s a lot of hungry people needing help. To their further credit, they don’t ask what your religious beliefs are. They have plans to begin providing daily hot meals for senior citizens in need.

All Along the Border People are Fleeing America

Since 2008 and the financial collapse in America I’ve seen consistent reports that the number of illegal immigrants in this country is shrinking. To the political right, however, it is of no matter. They continue to pound the spike of immigration fear into the hearts of their fearful, xenophobic, followers.

But, if there is some fearful soul, cowering beneath the four-poster in their bedroom, who can be reached with a little light of truth, here’s a brief piece that appeared on The Daily Beast. Oh, don’t let the name scare you, it’s just a news site and not really a monster.

Border Crossings Drop Sharply

Illegal immigration isn’t as rampant as some Republican debates Continue reading All Along the Border People are Fleeing America

Memory Tree

I was raised in a family that did not put their tree up until the week before Christmas and took it down on New Year’s Day. Last year I put my little Charlie Brown tree up the week before, per my preference. However, this year I might get all my decorating done by this coming weekend instead. I just feel like doing it this week.

Last year my little Charlie Brown tree (I’m a big Charlie Brown/Snoopy fan) was decorated with all the handmade ornaments my aunt made and gave me over the years. I’m just not a big tree person any more. I took pictures of my little tree and sent them to her, along with her gift, over the holidays. I don’t know exactly what made me decide to use all her ornament items on the tree, but I later learned why I might have subconsciously done that.

On New Year’s Day this year I learned that my aunt was in the hospital critically ill and Continue reading Memory Tree

Dave Miley’s Greenfield

Dave Miley

A former Greenfield resident, Terri Bergen Robledo, recently began a group page on Facebook called Greenfield Ohio Friends Forever (GOFF). It has become very popular and much of the discussion focuses on remembrances of days gone by in our version of small-town America.

Several years ago long-time Greenfield resident, Dave Miley, penned a series of stories about his days growing up in our fair village. They were originally published on the now deactivated Greenfield-Ohio.com site where they remained archived.

With the interest shown by the GOFF group in reminiscing about the past I thought this might be a good time to reprise Miley’s stories. Hopefully they will bring a smile to anyone’s lips who ever grew up in a small, close, community.

Click HERE to read Dave’s stories.

Lynchburg a Tough Gig for the Pickers!

Dave Shaffer with pickers Mike & Frank

Many of you watched our Highland County neighbor, Lynchburg, be featured on last week’s episode of American Pickers. The pickers toured Lynchburg resident, David Shaffer’s, collection of all-things dusty but failed to pry Dave’s fingers from any of his prized possessions. One item in Shaffer’s collection is a Vincent motorcycle from the 1940s. He was offered $30k but decided it couldn’t be replaced and apparently didn’t need the cash. If you’ve ever been in Lynchburg, Dave’s store, more of a warehouse, is a downtown storefront with large glass windows. It is a kick just to press your nose against the glass and relive your transportation past. I’ve done it a couple of times and Continue reading Lynchburg a Tough Gig for the Pickers!

Dr. Steve Iseman

Dr. Steve Iseman taught communications at Ohio Northern University for many years. Over the years I’ve read many a news release concerning his being recognized for his accomplishments in his field of expertise. Earlier this year Steve retired from teaching but the atta’ boys have stopped coming his way. Last evening I came across this story from the  Ada Herald about his being recognized as outstanding faculty advisor. Click HERE for the story.  Iseman is a former resident of Greenfield and a graduate of McClain High School.

Stereotypes and Old Pirates

Everybody stereotypes and there are stereotypes about everybody. We all know that fat people are jolly, egg heads don’t have a social life, ugly women make better wives than pretty women, black people love water melon, all Jewish people are doctors or lawyers and wealthy, white men can’t jump, and blonds can’t spell jump.

Of course, not everything about stereotypes has to be false. Remember the old saying, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out to get you?” Well, for every thing we believe to be true about a given type or group of people, there probably is some fundamental reason it is considered universally true. For example, Saint Nicholas is fat and he is Continue reading Stereotypes and Old Pirates

A Small Town Telephone Book isn’t Much of a High Chair Booster

This is mostly an exercise in seeing if I can make a story out of something another said couldn’t be done. A friend recounted how an urban relative remarked about how small the Greenfield telephone directory was back in the 1950s. I don’t recall the exact words of the big-city visitor but they could have been taken as belittling. Urban people often think we in rural America are somehow lacking.

I recall attending a party in Poughkeepsie, NY in the early 60s. There were several people present who lived in New York City and had never been exposed to a young sailor with a Southern Ohio accent. One woman ask where I was from and when I said Southern Ohio she wanted to know if we had television. That experience may account for my long-time dislike of many things New York.

When I was aboard ship in the US Navy my provided me Continue reading A Small Town Telephone Book isn’t Much of a High Chair Booster

The Elm Street Pirates

It was a rare treat to go to Elm Street and climb on the rope net.  We played tag and pretended it was a ship and we were pirates.  Don’t touch the ground.  It was water you know.  There were sharks.  I always liked the park, but I am not sure if it was because it was a delicacy.  When I think of parks in Washington Court House, I think Eyman.  The fact that there was ponds,  a pool, and several more slides and toys drew me there.  I just didn’t want you to think I forgot you.  The rope burns were plenty, the splinters the same.

You did have a stigma though.  There were rumors about a girl named Simone that sacrificed animals and drank people’s blood back in the woods.  Continue reading The Elm Street Pirates

What Would Hank Williams Have Done?

Recently, in a local restaurant, we were seated near a wall-mounted TV tuned to some country music video channel. Most of those performing their latest song were young and totally unknown to me. Many of the male performers were sporting multiple tattoos and excessive metal dangling from their ear lobes. There are times when I entertain the thought that my wife and I are the last remaining people in America who haven’t mutilated their bodies other than by non-elective surgeries.

After finishing our meals and chatting with the in-laws we took a long drive through the autumn hills of Southern Ohio stopping at a McDonald’s for a hot-fudge sundae. Sitting at a nearby table were a young couple whose mouths, noses, and ears contained so many chrome studs and rings their faces could have been mistaken for studded snow tires. Whatever the combined weight of their metal studs and rings, it would have been exceeded by the weight of the Continue reading What Would Hank Williams Have Done?

Random Thought, November 11, 2011

You can’t be what Joe Paterno is to Penn State football and not be held accountable for the gross misconduct of those who are members of your staff. If you are apprised that a staff member has been sexually assaulting children and you don’t personally take immediate and meaningful action, you become complicit. Joe and all above him who knew, share in the shame and have no defense. Protecting the game is nothing compared to protecting children from pedophiles.

Colored News!

I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide just how far we’ve come but, while doing some research in the Hillsboro Press Gazette archives, I discovered their social news section, as recently as 1942, contained a regular column titled Colored News. Certainly a part of the “good ole’ days” we don’t need to revisit.

Colored News from 1939 Hillsboro Press Gazette.