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Where’s Pat?

FACTOID: Where’s Pat Buchanan been lately? For a couple of years he has been a regular on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and other commentary programs. All of a sudden he disappeared. Turns out Pat penned a book that has some questionable comments about ethnic, religious, and racial norms in America today. He touted the book on an “openly pro-white” radio station and the TV Network pulled the plug on him.

Random Thought, Capitalism

The GOP seems to be internally at war over capitalism. Rick Perry coined “vulture capitalism” to  describe Mitt Romney’s style of doing business. A New Hampshire GOP primary voter used the term, “leveraged capitalism.” Newt has attacked Romney and his company, Bain Capital, for their “I like to fire people” methods. All the time the party elders have to be concerned that the very core of free enterprise is under attack from within.

Who Owns Who?

Just began reading a new book by economist Jeffery Sachs about the current economic crisis. Didn’t make but a few pages before I had to stop and make a comment. Sachs says, “On many days it seems that the only difference between the Republicans and the Democrats is that big oil owns the Republicans while Wall Street owns the Democrats.”

As a Democrat I should resent half of what Sachs said. Trying to be open-minded I can’t. Given that no Wall Street moguls have been locked up yet I can only surmise the Democratically controlled Justice Department is not about to bite the hand holding the dog bone.

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When is Freedom Not Freedom?

It never ceases to astonish me how the fringe political and religious right in America so often gives voice to promoting freedom and liberty while at the same time advocating public policy and law that would do just the opposite.

To date, all but one of the GOP presidential candidates have failed to issue a policy statement expressing even the slightest support for the freedom of the individual in America. Jon Huntsman did publicly state his support for civil unions for gays during the recent New Hampshire debate. Other  than that his only claim to individual rights appears to be his endorsement of a right to work law in New Hampshire. That in spite of the belief by many that right to works laws favor management and not the individual working person.

Continue reading When is Freedom Not Freedom?

Fannie & Freddie Followed Others Over The Cliff!

A major cause of our financial collapse and the continued problems we’re having climbing out of the Great Recession is related to the implosion of the housing market. Americans have lost hundreds of billions of dollars because of the actions of the banking and lending institutions, including the infamous Freddie & Fannie. Keeping up with and understanding the debacle has not been easy. Everyone has a target to point at and conservatives love to point the finger at Freddie and Fannie Mae. New York Times columnist, Joe Nocera, sheds some light on just what role the Mae-Macs played in the crisis. Click HERE for Joe’s column.

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The Candidates, Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

Click graph to enlarge.

When Jimmy Carter was running for president he made the statement that he’d never tell us a lie. I always wanted to believe that Jimmy remained true to his promise but hell, he is a politician so I wouldn’t drop dead if I was to learn he worked one in on occasion.

But let’s use President Carter as the reference and assume that what he told us was mostly true. How would today’s GOP candidates and President Obama compare? Well, PolitiFact.com has done the fact checking and released a score card for our consideration. Their scale rates statements made as being True, Mostly True, Half True, Mostly False, False, or Pants on Fire.

Using their scoring system they found those having the longest noses to be Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and Michelle Bachmann. The longer the surname the longer the probiscus. 59% of Bachmann’s statements were rated at False or Pants on Fire. Continue reading The Candidates, Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

The Old Ohio

I read a story on the Huffington Post stating Ohio ranks 24 out of 50 in the list of the best and worst run states. As you can see below, it starts out referring to the year 2009 when Ted Strickland was Governor. I knew for sure they couldn’t be talking about the state in the last 11 months, since the current Governor is trying to run the state further down the list of the worst states in America! We can look back at history and see where we used to be and band together as we did with the Repeal of SB5 and hope for a recall law to be passed early in 2012.

What 24th means:

  • State debt per capita: $2,423 (17th lowest)
  • Pct. without health insurance: 12.3% (17th lowest)
  • Pct. below poverty line: 14.8% (17th highest)
  • Unemployment: 9.1% (17th highest)

Ohio’s state revenue in the fiscal year of 2009 was the fourth-lowest in the country. In the same time period, the state spent $71 billion, nearly three times that amount per resident. Despite that fact, Ohio still has an AA+ credit rating and a below-average debt per capita. Ohio scores worse than average on unemployment, median income, foreclosures and poverty. The state does slightly better on graduation rates. Ohio also spends a higher portion of its budget on education than most states.

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Martha Got Screwed!

FACTOID: Martha Stewart was found guilty of insider trading and sentenced to 5 months in Federal prison, 5 months in-house confinement, and 2 years probation. Inside information, not available to the public, is available to all members of the US Congress and they can use it to guide their Wall-Street investments, LEGALLY! They get a stay out of jail card and get rich. The rest of us don’t. No wonder politicians poll closer to the bottom than whale turds.

Congress Gets Richer, The People Don’t

Saw a news item this morning soured the cream in my coffee. Like most Americans I’m already out of love with the US Congress, both parties included. Comes as no shock but both the NY Times and the Washington Post are reporting that the average net worth of congress persons has increased by 15% since 2004 while the average net worth of average Americans has decreased by 8%.

I know to some this is just one more example of a liberal stirring up CLASS WAR. Call it CW if you must but it is one more example of those in power becoming even more removed from those whose votes they pleaded for. One more example of America’s wealth becoming increasingly concentrated in the hands of fewer people. Another example of a shrinking middle-class and a growing sense of despair and separation from the American dream.

The cost of running a successful campaign has become so great the politician has to jump in bed with the millionaire. To read the complete Post story click HERE.

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…No, it’s SuperNewt!

When I received my December 19th edition of Newsweek and saw the cover photo, first thing that came to mind was George Reeves striking this same pose as Superman in the old TV program. Is this just a coincident that this cover pose was chosen or does the Newtster really picture himself as standing for, “truth, justice, and the American way?’ What’s that in the sky? It’s a bird. It’s a plane, No, it’s SuperNewt, able to leap over three wives, multiple mistresses, and Article III, Section 1 of the US Constitution in a single bound!.

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All Along the Border People are Fleeing America

Since 2008 and the financial collapse in America I’ve seen consistent reports that the number of illegal immigrants in this country is shrinking. To the political right, however, it is of no matter. They continue to pound the spike of immigration fear into the hearts of their fearful, xenophobic, followers.

But, if there is some fearful soul, cowering beneath the four-poster in their bedroom, who can be reached with a little light of truth, here’s a brief piece that appeared on The Daily Beast. Oh, don’t let the name scare you, it’s just a news site and not really a monster.

Border Crossings Drop Sharply

Illegal immigration isn’t as rampant as some Republican debates Continue reading All Along the Border People are Fleeing America

Asses and Elephants, What a Difference

I read this tonight and it was so good I wanted to share:

Republicans fear that the government has too much control over corporations. Democrats fear that corporations have too much control over our government.

Democrats believe it benefits all of us to help the weakest and the poorest among us. Republicans believe it benefits all of us to help the wealthiest and most powerful among us.

Republicans believe large corporations will always do what is best for the American people if the government stays out of the way. Democrats believe large corporations would disembowel you and sell your organs to the highest bidder if the government didn’t stop them.

Democrats believe everyone is entitled to health care regardless Continue reading Asses and Elephants, What a Difference

Ain’t no Post-Racial Round Here!

On Facebook, and elsewhere, I’ve had several recent discussions about the continued existence of racism in America. There are those who insist on claiming that race is no longer an issue in America, with the election of our first black president we have somehow moved beyond it. This is especially true in some GOP circles as they attempt their party as being one of inclusion and not exclusion.

Prior to the New Deal the GOP frequently did champion the causes of race and women’s suffrage. Things began to change during the Great Depression as blacks increasingly turned to the Democrat Party to address their issues. It was New Deal policy that provided aid to impoverished whites and blacks. It was a Democrat president, Harry Truman, who finally integrated the armed forces, it was the Kennedy and Johnson administrations who took on the issues of civil rights and economic opportunity. Continue reading Ain’t no Post-Racial Round Here!

Super Committees?

The entire 535 member US Congress failed to come up with any meaningful answers to our financial problems so they dumped it off to a “super” committee of 12. The super committee just announced they failed to arrive at agreement on a single item. So, I suppose the next step will be to form a super-duper committee. And, if that fails I suggest we all just throw up our hands and demand the formation of a super-duper-pooper-scooper committee that will sweep all the shit out of DC and declare Bill Maher as dictator.