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Calabash’s Capt. Nance’s, Finally!

Took a fishing “head” boat out of Calabash today and my plan was to have lunch at Coleman’s “Original” Calabash Seafood. Earlier in the week we stopped there and a sign in the window declared they were only open from Thursday through Saturday. Discovered today they are not open for the lunch trade.

So, next door was Captain Nance’s Calabash Seafood and their parking lot was full and they were obviously interested in my food dollar. The Captain’s will be the third Calabash seafood joint I’ve eaten and the old adage, “third time’s a charm,” came true. Here’s the scoop on Nance’s.

First, the service was very fast and very friendly. Secondly, the hush puppies and sweet tea were on the table in a flash. The hush puppies were top shelf; fresh, hot, sweet and nice and crispy. The sweet tea was just what one would expect South of the Mason-Dixie, freshly brewed and enough sugar to keep your dentist employed.

My lunch consisted of adequate portions of fried shrimp and clam strips. Both were sweet, mild, tender, lightly battered and fried to perfection. The superb quality was certainly related to being able to look out the restaurant window and see the very boat the shrimp came in on and the mud flat the clams had until recently called home. I’ve never had better clams strips and it’s probably because I’ve never had fresh clam strips.

In true Southern style, the slaw was vinegar based and the acidity complemented and offset the sweetness of the seafood and hush puppies. I tasted something different, but good, in the slaw but couldn’t identify it. Should have ask but it slipped my mind.

The French fries were the one negative. They were simply run of the mill frozen sticks that are the stock in trade of American restaurants. Does anyone still slice, blanch, and fry potatoes?

Like I said earlier, and related to the cashier on the way out, it took three swings at Calabash before getting a plate of food worthy of a smile.



Finally, Oktoberfest & a Biergarten

Fifteen years ago I was drawn into a discussion between members of the local historical association. The topics were how to attract more members and get more community people to attend their programs and activities.

I wasn’t a member at the time but was asked for comments anyway. Maybe without thinking I answered the first question saying they needed to shake their publicly perceived image of being an elitist group trying to hold on to their claim of having descended from the town’s founders. I didn’t say this was a fair or exact image but lots of people believed it, nevertheless.

The second idea I offered was they should make their events mo’ better fun! A food event needed to be more than cheap boiled hot dogs and brownies from a mix. Continue reading Finally, Oktoberfest & a Biergarten

The Camera, Never Leave Home Without One

Sally Turner Kennedy is one of those I wish I could model myself after. She possesses an eye for the unusual, almost always has a camera near by, and remembers to use the damned thing when something catches her eye.

My daughter Jennifer is like that, as is Linda Fugate. Both are known to grab a camera and head into the world just to see what’s worth spending some pixels on. I saw Linda and her husband recently and their purpose for being away from home was to take pictures and check out yard sales. Both worthy of time.

Jennifer will grab her camera and go searching for fields of grain, wild flowers, cloud formations, sun rises, Continue reading The Camera, Never Leave Home Without One

Random Musings About Life on the Big Sandbar.

As some of you know we spend our summers in the Outer Banks. Marianne’s father built a cottage there back in the late 60’s, way before it got all touristy and whatnot. Anyway, with Irene passing through last week it got me to thinking about life at the beach and all that goes with it. By the way, Irene shot up behind us on The Sound side so the cottage escaped unscathed. This time.

It was another eventful summer with lots of visitors. Some stayed with us and some stayed elswhere, but I think everybody had Continue reading Random Musings About Life on the Big Sandbar.

McClain Alumni Caribbean Cruise

I received word from our travel agent, Bob Sims, that the deadline for booking the January McClain Alumni Cruise at the “early discount” rate has come and gone. There are still rooms available but it will require the full deposit and at whatever the prevailing rate is at the time of booking.

The cruise is scheduled for January 22, 2012 out of New Orleans, LA aboard the Continue reading McClain Alumni Caribbean Cruise

A Place Named Betsy Bell

Back in the spring I ventured over to the Atlantic coast near Virginia Beach for some salt water fishing. I love to drive and don’t seem to have any trouble finding things to do as I wind my way along the Interstates and secondary roads. I stop frequently to stretch the legs and on occasion back track to take a look at some point of interest or historical monument.

Another way of passing time is to take note of the many signs alerting the traveler of nearby towns and villages bearing interesting or curious names. Continue reading A Place Named Betsy Bell

A Few Hours on Pittsburgh’s Strip

There may have been a time when every American city had a place like The Strip in Pittsburgh. Cincinnati still has Findlay Market, Columbus has North Market, Charleston, SC its City Market, and New Orleans’s French Market is still going strong.

These are areas of a city where vendors of all sizes and flavors seem to assemble to participate in Continue reading A Few Hours on Pittsburgh’s Strip

Black Jackrabbits?

Back in the early 1960s I was moving to California and like millions before me the chosen path West was US Route 66. In American folklore Route 66 is known as the Mother Road and in those days it was the major route to Southern California and all that lay between Ohio and the Pacific Ocean.
Continue reading Black Jackrabbits?

What the heck is Wall Drug?

My wife and I were recently in a local steak house and on the wall was a sign that read, “Visit Wall Drug.” There are probably many people today who have no idea what that sign is all about or what Wall Drug is. Back in the 1960s it didn’t seem to matter where one traveled, you ran into “Visit Wall Drug” signs. I even remember seeing one on the side of a double-deck city bus in Continue reading What the heck is Wall Drug?