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The Myth of Post Racial

There is a certainty that comes with any argument involving race in today’s America. Mention, in any way, that America is still not a nation of racial equality and some Tea Party radical will accuse you of, “Playing the race card.” Somewhere between the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and the election of Barack Obama, much of white America has decided that everything is honkie hunky dory.

Well, it isn’t. Certainly blacks and other racial minorities, as well as women, have made great strides in the past sixty years. But the great ambition of being a nation in which all are created equal and have equal opportunity simply hasn’t been yet achieved and there is no shortage of evidence.

In spite of all the legislation there still exist a huge disparity of wealth between white and non-white America. Men still earn far more than women for performing the same jobs. The children of the educated will have a far brighter future than those of the ill-educated. The children of Norther parents will find it an easier world than those of Southern parents. Income, health, education, social and economic mobility, quality of life, environment and other factors are not the same for people of color, people with different sexual proclivity, women, or people of different geography. For much of the past one-hundred years a goal of the US Government has been to, with great success, narrow these divides.

It has not been without conflict or controversy, however. The conservative right has always opposed using the power of the federal government to correct the ills of our economic and social institutions and that war is being waged today as much as ever. Those who have will always be fearful of those who don’t have, just as they will always use what they have to keep the have-nots in their places. It is the very core of what conservatism means. Progress is measured not in change but in maintaining the status quo.

What sparked this diatribe was an online article containing a variety of charts and graphs showing the validity of what I have thus written. I’ll include two graphs and a link to the remainder. Click each graph to enlarge. For additional information click HERE.

Super Circus & Mary Hartline

Mary Hartline, 1952
Mary Hartline, 1952

If you grew up during the early days of television you may recall a program named Super Circus. It was one of several shows that were required watching for the kids in my neighborhood. The character I remember the most is Mary Hartline, a beautiful blonde lady adorned in sequins. It wasn’t Hartline’s beauty or talent that I recall, it’s that one of the neighborhood girls idolized Mary Hartline and was often seen wearing a red sequined outfit with a white heart and the words “Mary Hartline on the bodice.

I saw my neighborhood friend this morning and the memory came back. So when I got home I did a search and found the following video clip of Super Circus and featuring Mary Hartline.


By the way, at age 87 Mary Hartline is still strutting her stuff. She resides in her hometown of Hillsboro, IL.

They’re Gonna Put You in the Movies

Alison Gingerich, daughter of Norman and Susan Gingerich, has been doing modeling gigs since her teenage years and literally it’s taken her around the world. She has appeared in a television series, in major magazines and catalogs, runway modeling, on the cover of several teen magazines and currently she is the image representing the John Frieda hair products line. Here’s a video she recently appeared in for John Frieda.

Has He No Shame?

Larry 'n NassauOne test of where you’ve had your head lately is how much you know about the mayor of San Diego. I’m assuming you haven’t had your head up your ass and know that this piece of human slime is scheduled to return to work this morning after a “intensive” two week recovery program for sexual creepiness.

During the two weeks mayor Demento’s been getting healed even more women have come forward with their own stories of feeling icky around this heel. There’s also been a recall campaign mounted to get the mayor removed from office. In the meantime this guy is going to show up this morning, walk into his offices with the hugely bizarre full-teeth smile of his, and announce himself fully recovered and ready to serve his constituents. At least those who are female and willing to work without panties.

I can only look at this from my perspective and I just can’t imagine how large one’s ego (or gonads) must be to permit showing one’s face in public after such a thing. How could someone with a conscience not immediately submit their resignation followed by seeking anonymity in the trunk of a hollow tree.

Mothers and music are changing the world

Mother’s Day 2013 is just around the corner and in many of the world’s nations mothers and future mothers have no idea of their rights as humans. They are sold into slavery, forced into arranged marriages, denied education, and treated as objects and not as humans. Playing for Change, through music and drama, is trying to educate these women about their basic rights as humans. I urge you to watch the included video and consider offering your support in some way.

Playing for Change Banner

Bonnie Raitt at Her Best

Bonnie Raitt with StratocasterI’ve never been a great fan of Bonnie Raitt but there have been moments when her talent just couldn’t be surpassed. The first experience of this was in a duet she performed with legendary blues man, John Lee Hooker. Together they performed Hooker’s song, I’m in the Mood. There was a connection and passion between them that simply left me wondering what would have happened on that stage had Hooker been a younger man.

Recently I came across a video of Raitt and Jerry Portnoy doing Love Me Like a Man. It’s not as passionate as with John Lee but I did notice two things of note. First, while her trusty Fender Stratocaster wasn’t far away, it’s the only time I’ve seen Raitt perform on any other type of guitar. Secondly, it’s the only time I’ve seen her play guitar without a slide.

Cindi Pearce; Big Hair, Fast Women

Just learned that long-time Greenfield writer and journalist, Cindi Pearce, has a personal blog up and running. Cindi always has an interesting take on things and I look forward to visiting her site on occasion. I’ve added her link to my Favorite Blogs offerings in the right-hand column of this page. Here’s the link:


Random Thought: Culture War no More!

It is apparent to me that if the Republican Party is to ever become the party of inclusion it says it is, it has to admit defeat in the culture war. Americans are increasingly okay with Hindus, Buddhist, Muslims, Atheists, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, same-sex marriage, women, African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and even vegans. Growing armies of Americans are receptive to our ever-increasing cultural and ethnic diversity. The party that best concentrates on the real issues of education, infra-structure, energy, ecology, and economic growth will be who dominates our future.

Lessons of 2012

What yesterday’s elections teach us is yet to be totally known. But, in the short-haul we now know these things to be, “self-evident:”

  • You can’t trash and dismiss 47% of the electorate and expect their support.
  • Politicians, especially old white men, can’t utter misogynistic statements and expect to maintain the support of women.
  • Your political party can’t throw its money into supporting old white men with misogynistic beliefs and come away with noses that aren’t bloodied.
  • People of color in America are here to stay, are growing in numbers, and are increasingly active in the political process. Ignore at one’s peril.
  • A political party can no longer ignore the importance of young people. Exit polls show they turned out in even greater numbers than in 2008.
  • Talk radio’s audience is not indicative of the real America. Most Americans do not listen to the Limbaughs, Hannitys, and Becks.
  • Most Americans, male and female, abhor the misogynistic, hateful, and racist views of politicians like Allen West, Joe, Walsh, Todd Akin, etc.
  • Most Americans recognize extremism wherever it exists and reject it.

And finally, most Americans will accept the decisions made by the majority of the voters and will expect the losers to become the loyal opposition and the winners to set aside their ideological doctrines and party loyalties enough to address the needs of the people and the nation.

Now, let’s sit back and see if the Republican Party learns anything from yesterday’s defeat and if both parties can find a way to advance the future of America.

These are not the Three Wise Men!

Okay, couple of months ago we got to meet Missouri’s favorite GOP son, Todd Akin, and learn that some rapes are “legitimate.” Then we get a Republican clown from Illinois, Joe Walsh, who claims that today’s woman has no reason to fear dying from complications while birthing a child. This is the same Joe Walsh who failed to pay child support to his ex-wife and only did so after she sued him.

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, we get introduced to Indiana’s GOP candidate for the US Senate, Richard Mourdock, who wants us to believe that children conceived as a result of rape are a part of God’s plan.

The door is now open for a long dissertation but I’m not going there.  I’m just going to ask a simple question, how can the Republican Party, by remaining loyal and supportive of these three men, claim it is not engaged in a war on women?

Getting Out the Vote

For all the years I taught US History and Government a major topic was expanding the franchise in America and increasing the voter turnout. It is one thing to have the right to vote and yet another to get people to exercise that right.

Voter franchise history is America has been a rough road. In the beginning voting was something reserved white males who owned property. Somehow it was thought that unless one had a vested financial interest in the nation they couldn’t make good political choices. And women, well forget that. They weren’t considered inferior for nothing. Obviously, it was believed, the mind of a woman couldn’t hardly deal with the complexities of political issues.

Expanding the franchise has involved political struggle, civil war, great protest movements that some times resulted in violence, drawn out court battles, acts of Continue reading Getting Out the Vote

Random Thought: Women and Money

For all of American history women have been strapped with the stereotype of not being able to deal with fiances. No matter that women lead some of the nation’s largest corporations. This myth seems to be alive and well at Fox News. Their John Roberts was recently quoted as having said on air, “Women ‘care about the economy but, they’re not necessarily policy wonks.” They care about what’s in the checking account but they just don’t know how to balance the checkbook.

HBO’s The Newsroom

If you’re something to the right of being a moderate Republican you probably are not a fan of HBO’s, The Newsroom. This excellent reality based drama just concluded its first season and the summation of what has become of the GOP in the past several years is about as good and honest a portrayal as is possible. What makes it even better is it being told from the viewpoint of a traditional Republican, someone who would be called a Republican in name only (RINO) in today’s world where the party’s extreme right-wing has captured leadership.

Not Enough White Men for Mitt?

All the talk on this morning’s talk shows is focused on Romney not being able to win enough of the white vote to win the election. While I won’t speculate on that I do know that he is not doing well with Hispanics and African-Americans. His approval rating with Hispanics is in the mid-20s while the most recent poll shows he has absolutely zero support among blacks. I’m not sure David Duke couldn’t do better than zero!

Also, Romney isn’t doing all that well with single white women and as the Todd Akins have dominated the news with their insane views about rape and birth control Romney’s support from many married white women is weakening.

The GOP has tried to make the case that the Republican Party is a friend of women and is Continue reading Not Enough White Men for Mitt?

The Social Extremism of Paul Ryan

Just recently I wrote a piece about why I couldn’t vote for Mitt Romney and stated that my biggest objections are his positions on social issues. Today the NY Times featured a piece on their editorial page about the long-held radical social positions held by Romney’s VP running mate, Paul Ryan. Click HERE for the complete editorial.