US Net Exporter of Gasoline

FACTOID: During the Bush administration US oil production dropped from 5.8 million barrels per day to 5. During the Obama administration if has steadily and totally rebounded. Oil imports have dropped since 2007. There is a surplus of gasoline in America due to decreased demand and more efficient automobiles. Because of oversupply we are currently a net exporter of refined gasoline for the first time in American history. Why do prices continue to climb; speculation in the commodity market. (MSNBC’s Up With Chris Hayes, 2/26/12)

FEMA Has Left the Bldg.

FACTOID: The US Government has announced that the last FEMA trailer has been removed from New Orleans. At one time there were 23,000 trailers parked around the city providing temporary, albeit long-term, shelter for the victims of Katrina. Untold numbers of these used trailers, thought to emit toxic vapors, have been sold on eBay and elsewhere.

Only a Dollar to the Station?

FACTOID: ABC News reported last evening that of every $50 consumers spent at the gasoline pump $30.75 goes to the oil company, $7 to the refinery, $6 to taxes, $4 to the delivery company, $1.25 to the credit card company, and only $1 to the station owner. Several years ago a person in the convenience store business told me that if a customer didn’t come in and buy a candy bar they lost money.

The Big 5

FACTOID: According to the Wall Street Journal, American business only pay 1.2% of their gross production in taxes. The lowest percentage in modern history. Also, of all the money collected by the super political committees (Super PACs), 25% of it has come from just five American billionaires. Four are Republicans, one is a Democrat, and none are George Soros. Dr. Jeffery Sachs says this connects the dots between the rich being in control of our tax policies.

Mitt’s Daily Take vs. Mine

FACTOID: Based on his recent income tax returns, Mitt Romney earns at the rate of $57,000 per day on invested income. Invested income is considered capital gains and is only taxed at a 15% rate. Romney’s effective tax rate was slightly under 14%. Using a simple math function found at I determined that Romney makes in just 9 hours what I make in an entire year. It would take me 902 years 6 months 20 days 10 hours 33 minutes and 36 seconds to make what Mitt made in 2010 alone.


FACTOID: The US military has over 10,000 conventional piloted aircraft and over 7,000 drones. The bulk of drones are small, weighing only 4 pounds, and in the hands of the Army. They are hand launched and used for aerial observation. Some predict observation drones will be made obsolete by new generations of blimps being developed.

Your Boat Just Shrunk

FACTOID: The US Coast Guard, recognizing that people today weigh more, has lowered the capacity ratings of boats and ships. For 50-years they have based occupancy on the assumption that the typical person weighs 160 pounds. Today’s new number is 185 pounds. So your seven passenger party barge just became a six passenger party barge.

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Romney’s $95 Billion

FACTOID: As Mitt Romney travels the country in his bid for the GOP nomination he often makes the claim that repealing Obama’s health care reform law would save the nation $95 billion. According to PolitiFact.Org this statement is false. Check out their rationale and conclusion by clicking HERE.

Where’s Pat?

FACTOID: Where’s Pat Buchanan been lately? For a couple of years he has been a regular on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and other commentary programs. All of a sudden he disappeared. Turns out Pat penned a book that has some questionable comments about ethnic, religious, and racial norms in America today. He touted the book on an “openly pro-white” radio station and the TV Network pulled the plug on him.

History’s 1960 American Woman

FACTOID: In 1960 American women were legally paid less than their male counterparts, women could legally be barred from many areas of employment, could only serve in very limited areas of the military, were not expected to become NASCAR drivers, plumbers, police officers, fire fighters, engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, business executives, politicians, Secretaries of State, viable candidates for the US Presidency.

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