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If you’ve followed my writings over the years you know I am always in search of a good place to eat. Recently my wife and I have been enjoying EAT in Hillsboro. Right next door is a place called Vickie’s Home Cooking which someone reported to have, “the world’s best onion rings.” Well, that’s quite a claim but if you’ve eaten at Vickie’s and would like to comment on your experience, please do. 

Couple of weeks ago we went to WCH hoping to try Oskar’s but found them to be closed. Apparently they are only open for the lunch and/or breakfast trade. If you’ve experienced Oskar’s tell us what you think. I’d also like to hear about other’s experiences with The Purple Turtle and The Willows in WCH.

We’ve eaten several times at La Bamba in Greenfield and find it to be overall, pretty darned good. I simply love their chili rellenos. What’s been your experience with this Tex-Mex cantina?

If you’re a foodie we’d love to read about your experiences. Simply click the comment tag below and let ‘er rip!

3 thoughts on “Restaurant Reviews Welcome!”

  1. Janet and I enjoyed another great lunch at EAT. Today we had a salad with spring greens, strawberries, Mandarin oranges, sugar roasted almonds, and goat cheese. We also had a grilled California Turkey Reuben sandwich on marbled rye bread with an amazing slaw. Place just gets better.

  2. We continue to work our way down the menu at EAT. Today we had the ABCC quesadilla with a side of waffle-cut sweet potato fries served with maple syrup. Way good!

  3. I was so pleasantly suprised when I ate at La Bamba when I was in town this summer. Everything was so fresh and full of flavor. Easily rivals any “big city” Mexican joint I’ve visited.

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