Calhoun’s Jefferson Street Grill

Several weeks ago I ran into Brad Calhoun and got to talking food (I do that a lot). Brad began telling me about his plans to open a new restaurant in Greenfield on Jefferson Street, directly across from the post office.

I stopped by today to see what progress he’d made and while he is probably several weeks away from firing up the grill, char-broiler, and fry-daddy the place is taking shape.

He has stripped the walls and flooring to the original brick and oak, relocated the counter, hung an interesting old sliding door, and is working on some fun graphics for the bare walls.

Brad is a graduate of Hocking College’s Culinary School and is not just another fry-cook. He is a trained chef and hopes to bring something to Greenfield other than mashed potatoes and grease.

Personally, I’ll be thrilled to come to town and partake of something other than fast food or whatever prepared substance that just came out the back door of a Sysco food service truck.

While the complete menu is still being developed I’ve included a partial sample of his proposed breakfast offerings. Think I’m going to try me one of those Toad in the Hole things.

A work in progress that will hopefully be open and preparing great eats within a few weeks.
I believe Brad plans to serve breakfast through diner and is still working out the details of his menu. This is a sample of his proposed breakfast menu.

15 thoughts on “Calhoun’s Jefferson Street Grill”

  1. Marty has been making “toad in the holes” for our kids for years. I had never heard anyone else ever even knowing what they are. Of course, Brad’s sounds more gourmet and I’m sure they will be yummy! Looking forward to their opening!

  2. Cant wait to have Brad’s cooking again..its been too long. We ate his cooking more than we ate mine! Excited for the new place!

  3. Brad is the best chef,,, have to say that cuz he isnt just a cook, Greenfield def took a big loss when Who’s Place closed. He cooks to order!!! So if you want something and it is not on the menu he will get her fixed up… I dont think there isnt any thing he has fixed that wasnt goood… love his homemade bbq sauce as well,, my hub loves his gumbo….

  4. Stoppped in the other day and checked out Brad’s progress, Restaurant is coming together nicely, Brad has been helping me out at the diner for a few weeks now and is a very good cook, other than that a very, very good person, wish him the best when all comes together.

    1. For those who don’t know, George Gall is the owner of Three Spoons Diner at the corner of US 50 and SR 753 outside Rainsboro. He took over what was the old Rocky Fork Truck Stop restaurant about 2 years ago and ever since has been turning out some pretty good grub himself. Most recent meal my wife and I had at Three Spoons was a taco salad and we really enjoyed George’s take on a classic and the presentation. Actually, it was Brad who was doing the cooking that evening. Welcome to the blog, George!

  5. Doggie bag, please! From this sample menu, these are generous portions & more than I will be able to eat in one sitting. Looking foreward to it opening.

  6. Just might have to stop in there and check him out,next time I’m home.I’m curious about what the rest of his menu will be.

  7. We will certainly patronize this new restaurant and wish Brad prosperity. Having said that, I hope they reconsider not serving beer and wine. There are many, including yours truly, that look forward to a cold beer or nice glass of wine with dinner. I understand the issue of not wanting “bar flies”, but if the atmosphere is right and there’s not a bar per say, the “party drinkers” shouldn’t be a problem, IMO.

  8. I shall be stopping by to see Mr. Calhoun’s establishment when I can make my way NORTH, which no doubt will be in the spring….keep me posted in menu’s that way I will know what i want before I get there….

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