Kosher Congress

Kosher is generally defined as (1) pure (in food), (2) proper, genuine, authentic, or legitimate.

As a senior citizen and in my opinion, we do not have a Kosher Congress in Washington right now. We have almost total gridlock in our national legislative body, strangling debt, and America is fast going into a sinkhole.

A lot has changed since my high school days. I have been doing some serious thinking about it, in order to determine what the future might be. See if you can think along similar lines of thought, ideology, and history during my next few blogs.

As I see the general status of the country, Americans have become consumed by material and monetary greed, the Tea Party (which is not a “Kosher” political party) is destroying America and its values, and the ‘party of the rich’ want grandma to pay for their greed and debt.

I’ve watched the movie Ten Commandments many times and remember when Moses said, “I have set before you life and death, you must choose life.”

In November 2011 and in November 2012, we as a people must again choose life (of our country) instead of death due to radical extremes. I admit as a recent high school graduate and moving on to college days, I was not “engaged” in politics, because at that age life was moving along at a different pace and youth had a different focus. Now we must all “engage” in some political focus in order to help our family survive the future.

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