Lucas Perie, Ebay Star

Yesterday I received an email telling me about an item posted on Ebay that was drawing major attention along with bids nearing $100,000 dollars. The seller was a young college student, Lucas Perie, from Greenfield. The item being sold, a simple drawing of a Hewlett-Packard Touchpad computer.

It appears that following HP’s announcement they were discounting their popular touch pad device the demand skyrocketed and inventories rapidly dwindled.  Dwindling inventory drove the price into the stratosphere and somehow Lucas conceived the idea that if the real thing was in huge demand and attracting huge dollars, maybe someone would pay for a simple blue ink, childlike, drawing of one. So, on August 20, 2011 he offered just such a drawing on Ebay, along with a very open and honest description of what the bidders were going after, for an opening bid of $.99 cents.

Possibly the world's most expensive touch pad computer!

Within hours the item had “gone viral” and was attracting thousands of views and bids. Before Ebay noticed Lucas had violated one of their policies and removed the item for sale, the bidding had reached near $100,000. My informant told me the comments and remarks left by visitors to the site may have been worth that much just to read. Part of Lucas’ deal was that 25% of whatever funds realized would go to the William J. Clinton Fund to help fight poverty. The other 75% would further his college education.

After the original post had been removed Lucas re-listed the drawing, in accordance with policy, and as of this morning the bidding was in excess of a hundred dollars. Not nearly as much but I’m sure Lucas has had lots of fun and in the cyber world has enjoyed several minutes of his allotted fifteen-minutes of fame.

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