One Choice

The pernicious GOP has recently reeked havoc on our great country. They have shown themselves to be very anti-immigration and anti-compromise. The rating agency Standard & Poors reportedly blamed the GOP and their non-compromising standoff and obstructionism in the debt ceiling debate for the recent ratings downgrade.

The next election is, so far, like high school – no perfect prom date yet. The 2012 presidential candidates are so varied, it’s no wonder people are still waiting for Prince Charming. Like the ‘Satan Sandwich’ of the Debt Ceiling Debacle, the declarators are like a ‘Dagwood Sandwich’ – full of it! I’ll show you what I mean.

1. Michele Bachmann – a Teabagger, former attorney, Evangelical Lutheran Synod, anti-abortionist, who signed a Marriage Pledge denouncing gays and equality for LGBT’s, rejects Muslim laws, and told Rick Perry to “stay in Texas.” (Perry is a threat to her campaign.) She has recently verbally attacked Herman Cain.
2. Herman Cain – the ‘pizza’ businessman, Baptist, anti-abortionist, anti-Muslim, anti-gay rights, man who says Social Security is unsustainable.
3. Jon Huntsman – former governor of Utah, Mormon, businessman, whose campaign manager and others have resigned, leaving his staff in turmoil.
4. Ron Paul – former (second try presidential candidate) physician from Texas, served in the Air Force, professed Protestant (formerly Lutheran to Episcopal to Baptist), anti-abortionist, House of Representatives member who says he is a Libertarian leaning Republican, and has been lashing out at Romney.
5. Tim Pawlenty – former governor of Minnesota, who has lashed out at Bachmann, reformed health care in Minnesota, attorney, Evangelical Christian (formerly Catholic to Lutheran to Baptist), anti-abortionist, anti-gay rights, who wants to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, wants means testing for Social Security, and says no handouts for the poor, instead teach them skills, and wants the Bush tax cuts to be permanent for all, including the wealthy. He also said he wants to close all borders and deport immigrants.
6. Mitt Romney – Mormon, investment banker, would repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, anti-gay rights, raise the Social Security eligibility age, no handouts for the poor, likes universal health care but not government run, tells all illegals to ‘go home’ and ban driver’s licenses, but agrees to college education for children born of illegal immigrants who are U.S. citizens, anti-abortionist, liberal turned conservative Harvard man, former governor of Massachusetts who reformed state health care laws to cover all in his state. He wants all Bush tax cuts to be permanent.
7. Rick Santorum – Roman Catholic, attorney, who says foreign workers damage this nation, dislikes early childhood education, former senator from Pennsylvania.

Now that I have covered the main candidates, did you know there were several other declared candidates that do not get talked about? You say I forgot one…stay tuned for tomorrow.

My main point is – if the middle class is to be sustained, and the seniors, poor, disabled and veterans are to be protected, there is ONLY ONE CHOICE – a second term for Barack Obama. Tax loopholes for the rich need to be stopped, taxes on the rich need to be raised, and the Tea Party (obstructionists) need to be voted OUT. NOW! – Not after we lose all our union rights, worker’s rights, voting rights, health care options, and the wealthy continue to BUY judges and politicians. VOTE TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND OUR COUNTRY FROM DESTRUCTION.

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