Penny Rich, Pound Poor

In an earlier post I commented on the boondoggle taking place as a result of the Congressional Republicans refusing to approve funding to continue a significant number of airport renovation projects.  Well, this evening it was announced that a “deal” had been worked out and the 74,000 workers who had been laid off will soon be back at work.

The tragedy is that the entire fight was over Republicans wanting to do away with subsidies to smaller airports amounting to $16 million a year. In doing so the government has been loosing $30 million dollars a day in lost tax revenue and other associated costs. Total unrecoverable revenue losses are in excess of $350 million dollars.

I hope nobody really questions why the American people have such a stunned look on their faces.

2 thoughts on “Penny Rich, Pound Poor”

  1. This blatant waste of money is just one more example of how the Tea Party is driving policies that don’t solve anything as much as they do further damage. Their power in the Congress is, in my mind, directly responsible for the declining faith in America, the recent Wall Street plunge, and S&P downgrading our credit rating to AA.

    If conservatives in Congress would have simply permitted an up-down vote on increasing the debt limit there would have been a lesser chance of any of this happening.

    They simply refuse to acknowledge that paying for our past insanity is a separate issue than reducing future deficit. One pays for what we’ve already done, the other attempts to keep us from doing it again.

    Neither the market or the world’s economies can stand the “shock and awe” tactics of the crazies on the far right. Their influence far exceeds their numbers.

  2. Bill signed, and due to a provision therein, LaHood can override the $16M reduction and fund those small airports. Finally, people back to work Monday.

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