Where are those jobs?

All last year we the people heard how the GOP was going to return America to prosperity with the creation of jobs. So, we the people bit the bullet and tossed a bunch of them into Congress. But, eight months later there are not more jobs. The economy is beginning to double tank and here in Highland County, Ohio it was just announced that the unemployment number has increased to over fourteen percent. We are now the fourth most unemployed county in the state.

Since all those job creators have been in office they have worked to undo our medical reform movement, trash Planned Parenthood and public radio, put Social Security and Medicare out of reach for future retirees, defend the Defense of Marriage Act, get their tit in a snit over a proposed Mosque, continue two foreign wars, fund the world’s most expensive military, refuse to increase taxes on the super wealthy, turned their blind eye on tax reform, and damned near led what’s left of our economy to the brink of International collapse. What they haven’t done is introduce or support that first jobs bill. The people who ran and got elected on the issue of job creation haven’t spent a nickel of their time creating a job.

Matter of fact, what they have really done for jobs most recently is to refuse compromising on a transportation bill that has now resulted in the laying off of over 74,000 American workers. While Congress goes on summer vacation 74,000 workers are now on unemployment and two hundred remodeling projects at America’s airports have been shut down, costing millions in lost wages and delay related costs. The government is loosing $200 million a week in tax revenues because the FAA has had to layoff those workers who are responsible for collecting taxes from the airlines.

Given all this, what I want is for someone to explain to me what all the fighting and posturing of the past eight months has done to reduce the government’s ability to meet is already existing financial obligations or to reduce the existing deficit.  You sure as hell aren’t creating jobs, shrinking the deficit, or reducing the national debt if you are engaged in actions that shut down public works projects, lay tens of thousands of people off withdrawing their paychecks from the economy, and weaken the government’s ability to collect existing taxes.

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