Calhoun’s on Jefferson

After several months of anticipation we finally got to experience Calhoun’s on Jefferson in Greenfield, OH. Brad opened his doors on Monday, September 19, 2011 and we gave them a few days to work a few kinks in the system out.

If first impressions count the decor does a good job of letting you know you’re in a place that knows something about food. The rustic brick walls, solid hardwood flooring, and folkish wall decorations make you feel kind of warm and fuzzy.

A close study of the evening menu ensures one they are in a restaurant that cooks with lots of scratch. It is extensive and offers dishes that just couldn’t come from a frozen food truck. Plan on several extra minutes just to read and absorb all that’s offered. Everything from a simple grilled cheese sandwich to bangers and mash and much more.

Brad's Gumbo, Laissez les Bon Gumbo Roulez!

We opted for the beef brisket au jus with fries and slaw. The brisket was tender, moist, slightly smokey, and extremely tasty. I’ve eaten brisket all over Texas and truthfully, none was any better. The slaw was simple but very nice and the fries, crispy but a little on the cool side. I’m betting the not hot enough fries are simply due to opening jitters and in another week Calhoun’s will be working like a fine tuned instrument.

Calhoun’s does not have a liquor license and has no immediate plans to get one. One of the owners, chef Brad Calhoun, earlier told me he would someday like to brew his own beer and ale for sale in the restaurant. The menu has a number of Irish dishes that would be nicely complemented by a wee pint of heavy.

One of my favorite attractions was a large hand-painted wall mural of several local farmers standing in front of a typical rural barn. I was fifty percent on identifying the people in the painting. Had to ask who the other fifty percent were.

I’ve talked to several patrons who’ve had the brisket and everyone so far is in agreement, it’s well worth the trip. Now that Calhoun’s doors are open we’re looking forward to frequent visits. Given the size of the menu it’s going to take some serious time to make our way through it.

I’m offering the following as positive criticism and not a complaint. The dining room at Calhoun’s doesn’t have good acoustics. The hollowness of the room amplifies sound and needs softened. People talking, along with a not too happy toddler, was a distraction. I’d suggest that a little research be done on toning down the reflected sounds. Maybe cloth table cloths or some decorative fabrics hanging around.

After this first “soft opening” week Calhoun’s will be open for breakfast, lunch, and diner. I haven’t seen the lunch menu but a sampling of the breakfast offerings holds lots of promise.


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