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Earlier this summer I had my first taco from a taco wagon in Cincinnati. Since then I’ve become aware of the mobile restaurant industry that’s exploding in America’s cities.

The Cooking Channel has a program called Eat Street that each week visits various food trucks around the country. Seems if you can think it, someone is selling it out the side of an old bread truck or converted Airstream travel trailer. On just one-day and in just one downtown Cincinnati parking lot, I observed a mobile taco van, mobile wood-fired pizza trailer, mobile bbq pit, mobile pretzel truck, mobile espresso wagon, and mobile Cajun food truck. Cincinnati is a big place so who knows what was taking place elsewhere in the city. 

A fellow I know of in Columbus has a website totally devoted to taco trucks roaming the streets of that city. His site, Taco Trucks of Columbus, contains menus, photos, locations, hours of operation and reviews. I think a great day could be had, armed with a smart phone logged on to his site, sampling as many trucks as possible.

The same person also runs a blog called CMH Gourmand; Culinary Discovery & Misadventures in the Ice Cream Capital of the World (Columbus). If you’re a foodie and get to Columbus often, this is a site you will want to spend some time browsing. Best I can tell this site has reported on the Columbus food scene since 2006 and is chock full of reviews and information. Also, who knew Columbus was the world’s ice cream capital?

I once remarked that New Orleans had so many good restaurants you simply wouldn’t live long enough to try them all. Well, after half-hour on either of the above mentioned blogs, the same could be said about Columbus. So little time!

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  1. I ate some tacos from a taco wagon in New Orleans, about a year ago. I believe that Dayton has long had some kind of Bar-B-Q trucks. And now I know – thanks to you -why Columbus used to have Farrell’s Ice Cream, where it was entertainment to be there when someone order a Zoo or an annoucement was made if one ate an entire Hog’s Trough by oneself, and sometimes could have a second one for free if one did.

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