Michelle, You are Simply, Stupid!

In last evening’s GOP presidential debate Michelle Bachman repeatedly insisted that people be allowed to keep every dollar they earn and the government had no right to lay claim to any. In a way she accused the president, Obama, of wanting to grab our dollars from our cold dying hands.

I wonder just how she intends to fund all the things that almost every American expects from the federal government? How will she fund the military, how will she keep up our national highways and the Interstate System? Who’s going to mow the grass on the National Mall in Washington, DC or wipe Abe’s nose at the Lincoln Monument? Whose going to help pay for all those fire fighters who are trying to keep Texas from becoming toast or provide disaster aide to the citizens of Joplin, MO who lost everything to this summer’s tornado season? How will Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security be maintained?

Her claims and comments just have to make me question her ability to reason. Much of what Bachmann believes is based in religious ideology. So, maybe she thinks God is going to step forward and provide us all the services that are now being covered by government. Or possibly she thinks that when we’re finally out of Iraq and Afghanistan we can use our military to sell cookies, door to door, after the model of the Girl Scouts.

There are many more options, bake sales, scrap metal drives, collect and redeem soup can labels and grocery receipts, car washes, selling Cloverine Salve door to door, shoe shine and lemonade stands, consignment auctions, rubber duck races on the nation’s many creeks, or possibly a national lottery.

Ooh, ooh, I got it, let’s turn the US Capital Building into the nation’s most historic gambling casino. After all, getting anything meaningful passed into law in that building is always a crap shoot so a casino would be a natural.

Hey Michelle, if any of this sounds good, don’t forget where you read it first. Big Lar would make one hell of a pit boss.

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