Musing for the Fun of It

Speaker of the House, John Boehner, would become the most popular and reelectable politician in modern American history if he were to walk up to president Obama, clutch him in a tight embrace, kiss him square on the lips and then say, “Lets you and I cast aside all political considerations and worries about getting reelected and together come up with a plan to do something meaningful and decent for those Americans who can’t find a job.”

A majority in both parties and both chambers of the US Congress would instantly see the political danger of not going along with this love pact and instantly fall in line delivering their full support. A thankful nation would bestow upon all who gave their support the blessings of appreciation and job security. 

Of course, Obama would have to return the hug and welcome the kiss to seal the deal. Also, their mutual discussions would be put on hold until funeral services for Pat Robertson had concluded. Robertson, an avid homophobe, would certainly experience a massive fatal heart attack upon learning of these two men showing unmanly affection for each other.

I realize I’m just musing for the fun of it, but since the people’s faith in Congress has reached a record low and over ninety percent of registered voters believe no one in Congress deserves being reelected, why not, Mr. Boehner, give it a try?

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