Parker J. Pfister, Master Photographer

I’ve written about Parker J. Pfister before. Many of you around our area may remember him as Jason Pfister who graduated from McClain High School in the late 1980s. Jason was always a creative and talented person and in the years since leaving Greenfield he has carved out quite a name for himself in the world of photography, especially wedding photography.

Jason has garnered many honors, is a sponsored representative for Nikon, and earlier this year was named one of the world’s ten best wedding photographers. Not too shabby for small-town Americana, huh.

Several times a year I pay a visit to Jason’s website just to see what projects he’s been working on and also to check out his non-wedding offerings. He is also an accomplished wildlife and nature photographer as well as having put together a few excellent portfolios of urban street scenes.

Jason’s photos can simply take me to another place and an hour of relaxation can just fly by staring at his creations. Anyway, do yourself a little favor and pay a visit to Parker J. Pfister’s photo gallery and spend a little quality time.

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  1. of course i only have good things to say. ..he is my brother. But I did have the pleasure of going with him for my daughters senior picture photo shoot. He has such an eye for unusual. Nothing is out of the question for him and luckily Emily has the same personality. She was wading in the creek, walking thru fields picking ticks off of her. Standing on a very small shakey bench leveled by a rock on a hill! He even rolled in dog poo. But the photos are absolutly out of this world! He puts a lot into a photo shoot and i think i learned that lighting is the most important! I was the idiot seen around Hillsboro with the reflector thingy trying to find the light for him!

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